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  1. Hey Guys, Im working with a particle simulation and I cant seem to figure out how to get the colors generated in the particle sim to apply to the shader being applied to the instanced geometry. Any help would be awesome. OT111_0010_glitter_v001.hip
  2. Sporadic Particle Motion Blur

    Turning the Geometry Velocity Blur seems to have solved my issue. I was able to get rid of the Trail SOP and allow my particles to die once again.
  3. Sporadic Particle Motion Blur

    That fixed everything Alexander thank you!
  4. Houdini FX 15.0.313 Im working on a scene where two characters are being hit with a stream of water (particles) and I cant seem to get what im looking for. When i set the particles to die when they hit the ground plane or even just change their life expectancy the motion blur becomes very sporadic as if the particle system is being affected by a noise filter. With the particles set to full life expectancy and the collision detector removed I get really nice motion blur but too many particles that stay way too long. Is there a way to get accurate motion blur without running into this issue? waterSpray_point.hip
  5. Sporadic Particle Motion Blur

    setting the Trail SOP to compute velocity does not improve my results. It seems to stem from the fact that I am using geo to emit the particles. When I emit from a point it doesnt have that sporadic movement.
  6. Sporadic Particle Motion Blur

    Houdini FX 15.0.313 Im working towards creating a stream of particles that hits two characters in the scene, mimicking water from a small hose at high pressure. Everything looks great in the view port but when I render the motion blur is sporadic and showing up as if the particles have very jittery motion when all they should be doing is travelling in one general direction. I tried using a trail node to generate velocity data but it doesnt seem to fix the issue. Any ideas as to what is causing this? Any way to get around it? waterSpray.hip
  7. looking for a water splash tutorial

    Thanks Nico! I will get the tutorial and work on that over the weekend, hopefully the shot will be done by Monday!
  8. Hello, This is my first post and I'm new to Houdini, but have been working with Maya for over 10 years. I have a shot where I need to make a gadget fall into a water tank and make a huge splash with white sprites and everything else needed to make a shot look realistic. Anyone know a good tutorial? I can't find anything good enough that will show me how to get a big splash and also render the water sprites. I have attached a screen shot of my set up - the gadget was animated in Maya and I imported as an Alembic into Houdini. Thanks in advance! Gus