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    Yes correct I3D
  2. PolyKnit Help

    Hi Marc Thanks for your reply, and thanks for explaining the zigzag trick too. But this situation works fine for me, I'm having truble with another kind of situation. All explain refering to your images. if you just select two polys from the inner rim. the ones you blasted were on the outer rim. so just select two apposing polys and WITHOUT blasting them do a Poly extrude with the two polys selected. you can make only one extrusion or do a couple of ones. now when the poly start to reach each other try to make PolyKnit for each side at a time, the front, bottom, then the sides. This is where I start having the problem, as the resulting poly is Tri and not connected seamlesly. It does show the connection to be smooth but when converting to SubD it's not. I hope that made senese Anyways, thanks again for your reply I3d
  3. PolyKnit Help

    Hi all I have this problem with PoluKnit, I've been walkthing through the Apprentice program and following the SpaceShip Tutorial. all is fine until I decided to model the SteeringWheel by my self First I wanted to model the Steeringwheel with nurbs then I decided to do them SubDs so here goes. 1- Made a Poly Circle 2- Revolved that (I know I can use a torus but I like circles ) 3- Selected 4 Inner Polys for extrusion, those polys are pointing to the center of the circle to make the the center of the wheel 4- Made a couple of extrusion untill the extrusion started to come close togather. 5- Tried doing a PolyKnit to stitch the polys togather but every time I try to use them it goes all wrong. I choose the first point, then the opsite point, and then the point underneeth it. all is fine, but when I select the fourth point the resulting Poly is tri and not quad. I looked through the manual and found that I can use (q) in the point list, this helpes, BUT the biggest problem is that the resulting poly (in both cases tri and quad) is not stitched correctly. I mean I can see through the edges, and the resulting poly is not conitinues.! I tried several other option but they didn't help either, like PolyStitch and PolyLoft..etc I even tried Fusing the points togather but even when the points are fused (with high distance) the resulting mesh is not contnious. Also PolyCap wont recognise the boundary to close the upper hole. Now the Spaceship tutorial did walk through the PolyKnit when doing the Spaceship legs and that worked fine. but my guess is that it wonly worked because the the legs were not connected in the first place. meanin they were not originated and still coneected through the same surface. The legs were made through a duplicate OP but it's different than having the same source SOP PolyKnit it self. DOES that make any sense???? So can anyone please help out in here Thanks in advance I3D
  4. Thanks alot Rafal. But I already did that to access the PRMAN adn ENTROPY exe files, but there's more to it than that. There's another VER you should set that is the SHADER_STPATH, that you need to reference to your SL, SLO files (espicially those that come with PRMAN) so you can access them from the PRMAN shader menu. the biggest problem lies when you try to ADD your own shaders (I there's a script that adds the SHADER and another one that writes a GUI for the parameters) but other still other VAR need to be added and decalred so PRman can funtion properly. Also, you'll notice once you add the prman.exe to the path you can render but the materials don't get converted. Those are the Default materials laoded in Houdini, not the shaders. what this mean you SHOULD be able to use standard MATERIALS from within houdini insted of shaders, and of course you can use shaders. So for the time bieng this is broken, I have nno Idea why but I think it has to do with missing VAR. Also, try adding a PRman Shaders from the Shader Panel, any one, and you'll find that you can't render with it. Anyway thanks for you help I3D
  5. Thanks allot all, and TheUsualAlex, you dont have to rush your self. Thanks again I3D
  6. Hi all, I need some help/Tutorial on how to setup PRman 10 and Entropy to work with Houdini 5. I've been looking through the manuals and they explain how but only in UNIX format and not in Win. So here are my question, hopping for someone to help. 1- What are the necessory Env Variables for PRman to work 2- What are the necessory Env Variables for Entropy to work 3- How can integrate my own shaders into houdini, I've managed to make ONE Env Variable that makes PRman 10 work, I think it was xxxxx_STPATH and directed that to xxxxxx\PIXAR|PRMAN-10\LIB\Shaders\, also I had to add prman.exe in the path varibale so the renderer is launshed. This help in rendering (maybe) the starting scene with the shader (Plastic) although I doubt. but I was able to open open the shader parameter from the Obj Par menu and houdini opend the plastic.sl file. BUT, I made a simple shader using Slim and added that to PRman\shaders dir (How can I reference my own) and it didn't open a parameter window for it, Houdini simply see it but no option (I think I have to write them my self). So again, How can I integrate my own shaders, have Houdini write a simple UI for me to edit the shader, Add the shader to the Drop down menu in Houdini and in the Shader panel. 4- OUTPUT. When dealing with PRman the spec are there, but when swhitching to Entropy the spec are the same, I know this is not true cause Entropy have different setting than PRman and most noticbly is Caustics and Radiosty/Radiance, So how can display Entropy specific manu. 5- Entropy Again , How can I intergrate my own Entropy Shaders like PRman. do I need to have a different setup? 6- SubD's. Does PRman/Entropy take the SubD level from a normal SubD Houdini Filter? 7- How come I can't use Preview P-Rman even after setting the env varibals and been able to render through the output? 8- IT would be nice if someone can describe a file structure on where to put my own shaders with Houdini. do I have to edit something, do they need to be ina certin place. 9- when using a PRman shaders in the SHADER Panel, I can't seem to assign these like normal SHOPS! (e.g, there is no drop down menu/Selection box to select the shader from.) Even If I write the shader name nothing gets rendered! Do I have to write the FULL path? Do I need to use a General Shader for that? I think that's all I can think of right now, Sorry for the long/boring questions, and thank you for reading this far Thanks in advance I3D