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  1. Very basic glue constraints not working

    If anyone has an RBD sim that just won't work for some reason with constraints, check if you have tiny pieces. I had some microscopic fracture pieces and the RBD solver decided instead of exploding to just not run.
  2. I'm trying to set up a basic glue constraints rbd setup for my object. At first I did it by hand but that didn't work. Now I've got the shelf tool setup as a failsafe, but still nothing. When the the constraints are enabled the whole RBD sim locks up, not even gravity works. Without the constraints the object falls apart largely as expected but as soon as I enable the constraints the whole thing locks up. I attached a hip file because frankly I'm a bit stumped, hope someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong. NAT_EGG_FX_v003.hip
  3. I've been tasked with creating a panel of cubes that rotate based on a texture you feed into it. Imagine text going from left to right on a grid of boxes and as the text passes through it the boxes rotate to reveal the text. I'm a total beginner when it comes to Houdini mograph stuff like that. Does anyone have a good way of doing something similar and could help me out?
  4. VDB banding/stepping issue

    Thanks, that works surprisingly well. Is the banding/stepping just something one has to get used to when working with VDBs like this then?
  5. VDB banding/stepping issue

    I was wondering if anyone had a quick answer to this issue. I'm applying some cloud noise to a cloud and then converting it to geo. No matter how high-res I make it I still get a lot of banding (or stepping?) after I apply the noise. Am I not approaching this right? I attached a hip file if anyone wants to take a look. vdb_noise.hip
  6. Help with breaking down an HScript expression

    Thanks, that actually helps a lot to break it down like that.
  7. I'm just slowly getting into Hscript expressions, especially for outputting files. I got my hand on a scene file that has a very customised way of outputting files and I was wondering if anyone could help me break it down. I obviously know the ones like $HIP and $OS but I'm having trouble making sense of the rest of it. $HIP/cache/$OS/v`padzero(2, ch("ver"))`/path_`ch("../PATH/path")`/cluster_`ch("../CLUSTER/cluster")`/`$OS`_p`ch("../PATH/path")`_c`ch("../CLUSTER/cluster")`_v`padzero(2, ch("ver"))`.$F4.bgeo.sc
  8. I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the VR camera in Houdini for 360° rendering. The documentation is kind of sparse and I'm having a hard time finding any proper examples of 360° spherical rendering from Houdini. I have what I believe is a latlong backplate and I need to simulate stuff for it as well as render it. Anyone?
  9. Unique fracture on each copy?

    I was wondering if anybody had a simple-ish way to have an individual voronoi fracture for each copy of a geometry. Here's a picture of my current setup and I tried copy stamping a random seed on the scatter, which of course didn't work. I also thought about using a for-each loop but had no luck really. I've attached my current scene file if anybody wants to take a look. Here are pictures of my current setup as well. http://imgur.com/a/05w1S http://imgur.com/a/iQFu6 FRA_FENCE.hiplc
  10. Two-sided texture for money

    Thanks, but could you elaborate? I've never been any good at shader building.
  11. I'm making it rain with a cloth sim. I'm trying to modify the mantra surface material to use two texture maps, one for each side. I'm not having much luck and was wondering if someone could help?
  12. Melting a rock, maintain textures

    Hi there As the titles says, I'm trying to melt a rock while keeping all my displacement and colour in at least somewhat of a decent shape without stretching. I converted my rock into a flip fluid and am using variable viscosity to melt it and transferring my UVs after I've meshed the fluid. What would be the best way to melt geometry, maybe flip wasn't the right choice. I've had a lot of trouble with UVs and flip fluids in the past and have never found a proper solution. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. H15 Grain Masterclass Question

    I have a question, hopefully it's a simple one. So I was watching the Houdini 15 masterclass on the grain solver here. And right at the end 47:17 he talks about a way to upres the sand by copying multiple points to each sand particle. I tried using a Copy sop, but the whole thing blew up and crahsed. Any ideas?
  14. Black textures in water/glass

    Thanks guys for the suggestions. It started to work properly after I added a Caustic Light in the scene. Not sure why Faux Caustics didn't work, but I'm not gonna complain
  15. Black textures in water/glass

    It's already enabled