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  1. BLOOD DRIPS along an object

    Hope this helps. Also my hou version is h19.498.
  2. BLOOD DRIPS along an object

    I tried with simple carve and metaball. Timeline starts from 1105 Dripping.hip
  3. Houdini 18 Arnold and Renderman Env.

    I use packages for installing different render engines. Arnold and redshift are working fine. But I never tried renderman I attach my redshift json file . You can check the syntax . Redshift.json
  4. I wonder if you had any luck with solving your problem? I am struggling with same issue right now.
  5. Age attribute unseen + cache problem

    Your scene works. I just opened it and cached the missing files and color is changing according to your age attrib during those 6 frames. I think you need to try in a brand new scene. Maybe some user settings are messed up.
  6. Age attribute unseen + cache problem

    for your first question did you tried to fit the age attrib. I can check your hip file for your second question
  7. Hi search for Design x Stimulation - Lukas Vojir & Alexa Sirbu - Houdini HIVE Worldwide video then go to 28 min of that video. Lukas has some wonderful techniques. Basically you need to model the opened shape and use bend deformation to close it and put a vellum solver on it. That fixes most of the intersections. Then reverse the animation and apply another vellum solver .
  8. Actually new for each block is easier.Just put a spare input and use detail function.I added a file with v16.5 .I hope it helps aopera_autom1.hiplc
  9. What is the best way for ferrobrain effect?

    Thanks everyone.I will start to look at these sources.And if I achieve sth I will share it here.
  10. Hi,I have been doing an R&D to achieve this effect.In the description ferro fluid is mentioned and I checked Niel Prayers`s ferro fluid tutorial but it seems different effects.Now I am looking for mixing multiple fluids with different density values .Has anyone tried sth. like this?Or can you give some advice where to look?
  11. And I owe you another beer I guess .Thanks a lot.
  12. float srchrad = ch("searchradius"); int maxpts = chi("maxpoints"); int points[]; points = pcfind(1, "P", @P, srchrad, maxpts); foreach(int ptsphere; points) { int prim = addprim(geoself(), "polyline"); vector newpos = point(1, "P", ptsphere); int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos); addvertex(geoself(), prim, @ptnum); addvertex(geoself(), prim, newpt); } Hi,thanks again man.I have worked on these settings and recreated the scene with the help of some entegma tutorial.Now I can create polyline between source and destination points. And now I am trying to filter the distance.Like if they are too close I don`t want a polyline. I guess I need to edit this line /// int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos); I want to add point if the distance is more then some number which is controlled by a number on a slider.I guess I need to use pcfind again .That`s me talking to myself sorry.I stuck in this part GeometryCreateTest_05.hiplc
  13. Hello , I try to create polyline between "source" points to "destination" points.I created a point group and gave selected points a color attribute value @Cd.x= 1.Then unselected points @Cd.x = 0 .I created a poly line and add vertex to the points whose srcID = 1. But I can't specify "destination" vertex to create polyline.Here is vex code I tried to put together.I appreciate if someone point me to the right direction.I couldn't figure out where I messed up. Thank in advance int ingroup = inpointgroup(0, "group1", @ptnum); if(ingroup == 1) {@Cd = set(1,0,0);} else {@Cd = set(0,0,0);} i@srcID = @Cd.x > 0.5; i@destID= @Cd.x < 0.5; i@id = @ptnum; //int dest_array[] = array(@destID < 1); int line = addprim(0,"polyline"); if (@srcID == 1){ addvertex(0,line,@id); // addvertex(0,line,0); } GeometryCreateTest_02.hiplc
  14. LAT/LONG to planar map?

    I think I owe you a beer sir.I mean if you ever be around istanbul just call me to collect your beer.Thanks a lot.I will work hard
  15. LAT/LONG to planar map?

    Thank you f1480187. I am grateful for your answer. But clearly I am not as good as you think I am.I tried to put this wrangle before lat/long conversion.Also after conversion.But I guess I missed sth. here.And probably sth. very basic.I tried a couple of ways and still nothing.Do you mind showing this on scene file.Here is my scene. LongLat_Test_027.rar