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  1. Actually new for each block is easier.Just put a spare input and use detail function.I added a file with v16.5 .I hope it helps aopera_autom1.hiplc
  2. What is the best way for ferrobrain effect?

    Thanks everyone.I will start to look at these sources.And if I achieve sth I will share it here.
  3. Hi,I have been doing an R&D to achieve this effect.In the description ferro fluid is mentioned and I checked Niel Prayers`s ferro fluid tutorial but it seems different effects.Now I am looking for mixing multiple fluids with different density values .Has anyone tried sth. like this?Or can you give some advice where to look?
  4. And I owe you another beer I guess .Thanks a lot.
  5. float srchrad = ch("searchradius"); int maxpts = chi("maxpoints"); int points[]; points = pcfind(1, "P", @P, srchrad, maxpts); foreach(int ptsphere; points) { int prim = addprim(geoself(), "polyline"); vector newpos = point(1, "P", ptsphere); int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos); addvertex(geoself(), prim, @ptnum); addvertex(geoself(), prim, newpt); } Hi,thanks again man.I have worked on these settings and recreated the scene with the help of some entegma tutorial.Now I can create polyline between source and destination points. And now I am trying to filter the distance.Like if they are too close I don`t want a polyline. I guess I need to edit this line /// int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos); I want to add point if the distance is more then some number which is controlled by a number on a slider.I guess I need to use pcfind again .That`s me talking to myself sorry.I stuck in this part GeometryCreateTest_05.hiplc
  6. Hello , I try to create polyline between "source" points to "destination" points.I created a point group and gave selected points a color attribute value @Cd.x= 1.Then unselected points @Cd.x = 0 .I created a poly line and add vertex to the points whose srcID = 1. But I can't specify "destination" vertex to create polyline.Here is vex code I tried to put together.I appreciate if someone point me to the right direction.I couldn't figure out where I messed up. Thank in advance int ingroup = inpointgroup(0, "group1", @ptnum); if(ingroup == 1) {@Cd = set(1,0,0);} else {@Cd = set(0,0,0);} i@srcID = @Cd.x > 0.5; i@destID= @Cd.x < 0.5; i@id = @ptnum; //int dest_array[] = array(@destID < 1); int line = addprim(0,"polyline"); if (@srcID == 1){ addvertex(0,line,@id); // addvertex(0,line,0); } GeometryCreateTest_02.hiplc
  7. LAT/LONG to planar map?

    I think I owe you a beer sir.I mean if you ever be around istanbul just call me to collect your beer.Thanks a lot.I will work hard
  8. LAT/LONG to planar map?

    Thank you f1480187. I am grateful for your answer. But clearly I am not as good as you think I am.I tried to put this wrangle before lat/long conversion.Also after conversion.But I guess I missed sth. here.And probably sth. very basic.I tried a couple of ways and still nothing.Do you mind showing this on scene file.Here is my scene. LongLat_Test_027.rar
  9. Hi First of all sorry for my english.It is my second language .My question is I have been following a tutorial of Stefan Sietzen .he convert the lat/long data on a sphere with this formula float x = cos(radians(@lat)) * cos(radians(@long)) * 1; float y = cos(radians(@lat)) * sin(radians(@long)) * 1; float z = sin(radians(@lat)) * 1; @P = set(x,y,z); I tried to project it into 2D plane and connect $MAPU, $MAPV data to $P .But my map is divided from wrong place.The part America supposed to be divided in the middle.My question is is there any better way to convert lat/long data into point position on a 2D map. Any help is appreciated.Thanks in advance.
  10. htoa aIShader install

    Thanks for the reply dennis.albus. I was searching aIshaders inside material list and as you said it is inside Arnold Shader Network.Thanks a lot for your time.I owe you one.
  11. htoa aIShader install

    Hi , I am a 3D artist usually working on maya and now I am trying to learn Houdini. I have installed aIShaders to maya but when I tried to install for Houdini I couldn`t find in the materials inside shop network. I can see ai default shaders . I have copied dll and mtd files into following folder and I have been searching internet for a while.So I will be greatful if someone point me to a right direction. This is the default directory that arnold had automatically installed. and here is the env. path Thanks in advance and I am sorry beforehand if this is a newbie question.