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  1. Exploring Houdini - Jesper

    I also slowly started to dive into Ocean spectrums. I was able to get something cool quite quickly, but there is still lots to figure out. White water will probably be next. Rendered with Redshift
  2. Exploring Houdini - Jesper

    More Vellum stuff. This is all the same simulation, however this time the focus was really to explore different camera angles, FOV, DOF as well as directional lighting. I had a few other versions with stronger DOF but they made me dizzy looking at them. So I stuck with these. Rendered in Redshift.
  3. Exploring Houdini - Jesper

    I want to start spending an hour everyday to just explore simple stuff in Houdini. This will be areas I probably feel I lack a little understanding, as well as ideas I have had but never really executed. Hopefully some form of render will emerge from every little exercise that I do. Last night I had a quick dive into vellum and played around with some Cloth. Rendered in Redshift.
  4. fire from small source

    Since your fire will rise upwards I assume anyway, you could scatter some points on your branch and then instance some curves onto the branch. You could then convert those curves into a source as well with the branch. Benefit is that you can animate your curves to give your source a more interesting look which will help with detail etc in your sim.
  5. Gradient along a curve

    Short video catering more towards beginners. Let me know what you think.
  6. Flip level goes down

    post a hip file showing us what you have tried to fix the issue and I am sure you will get lots of help
  7. Optimize Collision calculation - Houdini Quicktip!

    Yeah but I generally do not like to place transform information on the obj level. Thanks for pointing that out though. might be useful for other people.
  8. Optimize Collision calculation - Houdini Quicktip!

    glad to hear that
  9. Hey Guys. I made this little quicktip video about collision optimization. Have a watch if you fancy.
  10. Attach vehicle to Ground Plane

    Its a bit old but still relevant:
  11. Vector parameter collapsed into 1 value slider

    Thanks for the suggestion. That does not seem to work for me unfortunately
  12. Hey guys. Now and then the attached happens to my vector parameters. Never found out if it is a bug or something I accidentally triggered. Notice that my offset has been combined into 1 slider with a #2 next to it Anyone know how to solve this? Cheers
  13. Unroll cylindrical-like surface

    well you can just lay out the uvs, and then in a wrangle: v@P = v@uv; This will move you cylinder to 0-1 space and unroll the geo exactly like your uvs
  14. Tank Tread Animation

    @toadstorm I can't get your file to work. Anyway, forgot to add the timeblend node at the end in my example.. @BradASchreiber if you set your timeline to display subframes you will see the cards are moving. let me know if there is any questions JR_TankThread_alternate.hiplc
  15. Tank Tread Animation

    hmm I wonder if this would work for you? JR_TankThread_alternate.hiplc