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  1. Make smoke follow a curve

  2. Make smoke follow a curve

    you could create a custom velocity field in sops and source that into your smoke sim. I believe Ben Watts might have made a quick tutorial showing something like this..
  3. WIP - Ghost crabe waking up in the sand - Grain Solver

    yeah its a little strong in my opinion. But I now get why it is like that. however the viewer will not have that knowledge and if this is for a portfolio piece, the person who is hiring, will not know why it looks like this, and might think its a mistake. another thing that could be improved is your color choice on your creature. your have choosen a few variation of green, however I would consider (like your reference above) to have more contrast in the 2 main colors. This might also help the crabe stand out a little better from the green plant stuff in the background.
  4. WIP - Ghost crabe waking up in the sand - Grain Solver

    here is what I mean. I feel the DOF should be a lot more gradual. so you dont get that hard edge
  5. WIP - Ghost crabe waking up in the sand - Grain Solver

    looking at your render I just feel the transition from really blurred to a little blurred is extreme. your FG grain and plants are EXTREMELY blurred. maybe its a lack of samples?
  6. WIP - Ghost crabe waking up in the sand - Grain Solver

    This looks great, but whats going on with the DOF?
  7. ThinkPad P71 for Houdini?

    That seems to be a very nice mobile workstation. you are probably not simming out 100+ mil particles on that thing, but you can do a lot of stuff on a machine like that. 32 gb of ram is good and the Quadrop P5000 have great performance. I would say you can do most of your work on this one, except for maybe your final resolution for sims
  8. there is no downside to doing that as far as I am aware, except you have to type a few more characters. However it is looked at as extremely good practice to do so, so I would continue doing it if I were you
  9. Hscript question... again..

  10. Hscript question... again..

    Hi guys. Quick question.. why is this not working as a position to create a point in an Add node? centroid(`opinputpath(".",0)`,D_X) same for Y and Z Cheers
  11. How to fill a geometry with random scale box

    This should get you started
  12. you can just source directly from the particles if you want? in the source volume node in your dopnet, you can tell it to source from particles rather than a volume.
  13. FX / Design work, Los Angeles

    Nice reel. Very creative! You should have no problem finding work. Cheers
  14. Vector maths basics

    this playlist of videos have a lot of good and well explained theory about vectors:
  15. I could probably use this concept to get you started: