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  1. Quads instead of triangles

    There is also Insta mesh https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/houdini-game-dev-tools-instant-meshes-bridge/
  2. [SOLVED] Control Pin point in Vellum ?

    the problem is that if you disable or remove the grp, vellum will try to look for a group that does not exist. Instead what you want to do is preserve the group the whole time but remove the points in the group. So in a point wrangle you can do something like this: if (@Frame > 30 && @group_pin ==1) { @group_pin = 0; }
  3. The Beauty

    This is impressive! congratulations on seeing this through. Dedication of the highest level
  4. Sphere Squeare extrution along curve

    You can try to use the polyextrude node and then input your curve to the second input and extrude along that curve.
  5. Loop thru specific pieces inside For Loop logic

    you could put those 20 pieces in a group before entering the loop and then simply have a switch evaluating if the piece is in the group or not.
  6. houdini feather tool test

    that looks awesome. really cool stuff. Seems like feathers in houdini is a hot thing again. This was also released a few days ago:
  7. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    you are checking against distance and torgue already in your if statement, why not check if its in the group as well? if(i@group_steadyropegroup == 0) { if(distance > 0.8 || f@torgue > 2) { removeprim() } }
  8. more advanced vdb to spheres?

    you could maybe use the uv packing approach.
  9. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    Brilliant solutions both of them. Thank you for taking the time, this solved my problem right away. Time and time again the Odforce community just shows why it is the top of the league.
  10. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    unfortunately not. I know it works in the example file I provided, but with lots and lots of flowers and animation on the stems it wont work unfortunately.
  11. Hi everyone. I have flower with of which I have isolated the stem and ran it through a simulation. I now want to reattach the head of the flower back to the stem but I obviously want the heads orientation to match with the new simulated stem. I have tried point deform but cannot get it to work. Although it does seems to be close its not matching up. attached is a hip with an isolated simple example of what I am trying to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Attach_Flowerhead.hiplc
  12. Vellum strut setup

    using Zybrands example, if you increase the bend stiffness on the cloth from 10 to 100 you get a much closer result between the thick and the think tube odforce_example_jr.hiplc
  13. Vellum strut setup

    Thanks so much to both of you. I have some stuff to play around with. As for the number of constraints you are suggesting @Atom, I agree. That value seems totally out of proportion.
  14. Vellum strut setup

    Hi everyone. can anyone tell me how to make strut constraints in vellum work with a thin object? Attached is a hip file. Try switching between the thick and the thin tube and you will see that the thin tube collapses while the thick one behaves as one would expect. Thanks odforce_example.hiplc
  15. Applying material to specific instance

    how about assigning the material before you scatter the instances? all you need to make sure of when after the scatter is that each of them still holds the shop_materialpath primitive string attribute