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  1. Hscript question... again..

  2. Hscript question... again..

    Hi guys. Quick question.. why is this not working as a position to create a point in an Add node? centroid(`opinputpath(".",0)`,D_X) same for Y and Z Cheers
  3. How to fill a geometry with random scale box

    This should get you started
  4. you can just source directly from the particles if you want? in the source volume node in your dopnet, you can tell it to source from particles rather than a volume.
  5. FX / Design work, Los Angeles

    Nice reel. Very creative! You should have no problem finding work. Cheers
  6. Vector maths basics

    this playlist of videos have a lot of good and well explained theory about vectors:
  7. I could probably use this concept to get you started:
  8. fabric fiber..

    this would be a good starting point: also this is definitely a good resource as well: and then there is this odforce post:
  9. MicroSolvers

    there is also the more extensive tutorial from sideFX:
  10. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    I have had this issue before when working with flip and collisions. I find this often happens when your collision is animated. So a potential work around that has worked for me before, would be to freeze your collision geometry, and bring it in as a static object in your sim, and then add the transform data back onto the static collider with a motion node in your sim referencing the translate and rotation data from your animated geo in sops. This way you should be able to avoid substeps.
  11. Tumble around current object

    also I believe you can snap out of your current tumbling pivot by targeting a point on your box with your cursor and pressing space + z setting that point to be tumbling pivot, and then you should be able to reset pivot back to default home pivot by space + G
  12. Static Pieces in simulation ?

    I do not see any nodes in your AutoDopNetwork. Can you double check you uploaded correct file?
  13. MicroSolvers

    https://ceyhankapusuz.com/2017/01/09/houdini-micro-solvers-1/ https://nccastaff.bournemouth.ac.uk/jmacey/MastersProjects/MSc09/Claes/thesis/PeterClaesThesis.pdf
  14. Smooth Flip Fluid sim

    yeah you would use the VDB smooth after the particle fluid surface node. Double check that your particle fluid surface node is indeed outputting a VDB. Cannot remember if that is what it is doing by default
  15. Full time Houdini programm

    I don't know if something like that exist in the states, but in Vancouver we have Lost Boys School. Its all Houdini if you take their FX course. https://lostboys-studios.com/