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  1. How to make a group as an exception in primitive wrangle

    you are checking against distance and torgue already in your if statement, why not check if its in the group as well? if(i@group_steadyropegroup == 0) { if(distance > 0.8 || f@torgue > 2) { removeprim() } }
  2. more advanced vdb to spheres?

    you could maybe use the uv packing approach.
  3. Hi everyone. I have flower with of which I have isolated the stem and ran it through a simulation. I now want to reattach the head of the flower back to the stem but I obviously want the heads orientation to match with the new simulated stem. I have tried point deform but cannot get it to work. Although it does seems to be close its not matching up. attached is a hip with an isolated simple example of what I am trying to do. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks Attach_Flowerhead.hiplc
  4. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    Brilliant solutions both of them. Thank you for taking the time, this solved my problem right away. Time and time again the Odforce community just shows why it is the top of the league.
  5. Vellum strut setup

    Hi everyone. can anyone tell me how to make strut constraints in vellum work with a thin object? Attached is a hip file. Try switching between the thick and the thin tube and you will see that the thin tube collapses while the thick one behaves as one would expect. Thanks odforce_example.hiplc
  6. Attach Flower head to simmed geometry.

    unfortunately not. I know it works in the example file I provided, but with lots and lots of flowers and animation on the stems it wont work unfortunately.
  7. Vellum strut setup

    using Zybrands example, if you increase the bend stiffness on the cloth from 10 to 100 you get a much closer result between the thick and the think tube odforce_example_jr.hiplc
  8. Vellum strut setup

    Thanks so much to both of you. I have some stuff to play around with. As for the number of constraints you are suggesting @Atom, I agree. That value seems totally out of proportion.
  9. Applying material to specific instance

    how about assigning the material before you scatter the instances? all you need to make sure of when after the scatter is that each of them still holds the shop_materialpath primitive string attribute
  10. control pyro field for flame thrower

    This video will be very helpfull for you. towards the end one of sidefx interns is going through a "flame thrower" like project he build and how he controlled it.
  11. Save multiple BGEO inside a loop

    alternatively you could also just have put $FF into your foreach-end single pass condition and then your rop after the foreach. Write out 10 frames, get 10 variations.
  12. Updated Tornado Setup

    Maybe this can help you get started:
  13. Houdini Enviroment

    Beautiful work
  14. Hi everyone. I am trying to "copy" images onto my imported point positions in cops. In the example file, you will see that I have successfully imported my point position into cops, but I am not sure how I can go about placing an image (the center of that image) on a point coordinate? obviously I would want to control the size of that image once placed but I can cross that bridge when I get there. Thanks in advance. texture_placement_odforce.hip
  15. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    @caskal with regards to scrolling the ladders, you could switch your settings so that the lowest button on your pen is a middle click, and your upper button is a right click. This way you have access to all 3 clicks (gently tab your pen on the table is a left click). this allows you to navigate houdinis interface just with the pen.
  16. [Solved] Texture_placement based on point cloud

    found a solution. I can post a hip file if anyone is interested, when I am done with the project.
  17. Mouse causing hand wrist pain

    I have dealt with some of the same issues as you @caskal and my solution was as everyone else suggested. I have a Wacom tablet and an evoluent vertical mouse. I use my left hand with the Wacom pen and right hand with the mouse. This way I can easily switch between them and not overuse my wrist.
  18. Path following disparity

    if you look at the last file I fixed the problem in dops. Just divide your one curve force into 2 curve forces and it works as in sops
  19. Path following disparity

    I don't have the answer to why the particles move at different speed up the curve, However if you are looking to have the particles move at exactly the same speed here you go. followPath_alternate.hipnc EDIT: actually it is because you are grabbing both curves into one force. if you create a curve force for each curve and assign them to the paired particle stream it works in fine followPath_dop_fixed.hipnc
  20. How to apply Turbulence to Pressure field?

    hm it should work. Did you set the control influence to 1 and then remap the values?
  21. for the dual rest field I believe the math needs to be as follows: (rest * rest_ratio) + (rest2 * rest_ratio2). the output of this will now be your rest field
  22. How to stop emission of smoke?

    another way is to animate your Volume source node, you can animate the scale from 1 to 0 in your density field
  23. fireworks forming shapes

    people would be more keen to share an example file with you if you uploaded one as well showing that you have tried to recreate this FX on your own.
  24. Earth atmosphere with Redshift (or finding the "ANY" KEY)

    I cannot share a simple example of this because I am at work right now, so you will have to test it your self. But I am pretty positive this will work
  25. Earth atmosphere with Redshift (or finding the "ANY" KEY)

    My understanding is that because the VDB is a sparse volume if you do the subtraction of the earth geo from the atmos volume and then use a VDB activate node it will deactivate the voxels which has a value of 0 hence not storing that data. You can visualize that with the VDB Visualize Tree node.