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  1. Vegetation using bullet

    I dig it. looks cool! well done
  2. Freelance Pyro Expert (remote work)

    The position has been filled. Thank you for you interest.
  3. Freelance Pyro Expert (remote work)

    I am looking for a Pyro expert to join a small FX team for a period of up to 3 months. The work will be remote, however a mic for skype calls, and or google hangout meetings is required. please pm me with your reel should this spark your interest, and I can elaborate on the details. Cheers ps. The freelancer will have to be comfortable signing an NDA pps. render farm access will be provided.
  4. Vray for Houdini

    I just wanted to let everyone who might be interested know, that Chaosgroup have released a beta version of Vray for Houdini. More info can be found here: https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/houdini
  5. Vray for Houdini

    big question for me would be if Vray is still faster rendering volumes.. Not sure it would be. Mantra is not doing to bad when it comes to volumes
  6. Vray for Houdini

    speed is one of Vrays biggest strength
  7. Creating Normal from Diffuse texture

    I have used Crazybump quite consistently and I think it does a decent job.
  8. Grid with round corners?

    here is another way that does not involve manually selecting points grid_smooth_corners.hiplc
  9. Disable Hdr reflection

    I knew there was something that I had forgotten.
  10. Disable Hdr reflection

    As far as I am aware, there is no way to turn off reflection on the environment light itself. The solution to your problem would be to set reflection masks on the geometry node that holds the car geometry. You will find that option on the geometry node under the tab Render > Shading. By default it has a * in it, but if you just select the objects you want the geometry to reflect it should work. Hope this helps. EDIT: On second though I actually believe you can go to the light tab on your environment light, and then click the option "light contribution". The name light contribution is a little misleading as far as I remember. If you choose reflection as light contribution I seem to remember that the light will NOT reflect. Anybody correct me if I am wrong. Again hope this helps
  11. HD print screen?

    ha yes. I meant the OpenGL node. not OpenCl. Thanks Antoine
  12. HD print screen?

    you can use the openCL node in the out context or a ropnet. That node will "render" what is on your screen, in whatever resolution you set it in
  13. Ramp between Y Max and Min object

    if you scroll down on the pointwrangle there is a ramp parameter visible. You probably want to change that to a grayscale color.
  14. Ramp between Y Max and Min object

    here is a way of creating a ramp to use for your sss. I disabled refraction, sss, etc and only kept diffuse, but plugged the ramp into the diffuse as it was faster to render. I have done the calculations on sop level in a point wrangle, but you could just as easily do it in the shader instead by referencing a sop by the op: syntax. hope this helps CrystalBall_Ramp.hiplc
  15. multiple volumes used as AOV for main volume

    Cheers for all the solutions guys. I appreciate the time you spend on it
  16. I have a main volume that I want to render. however In that volume I would love to be able to merge other volumes into it and use those volumes as extra image planes. This means that my second volume should NOT show up in my beauty pass, but be available as an AOV. is this possible? Right now I have it setup so I render the second volume separately, but I wonder if the other thing could be done?
  17. Render tree setup - fetching caches

    yeah I figured as much. thanks for you answers. really helpful
  18. Maybe a basic question, but every studio I have worked at so far have had a custom node usable in the ROP context to fetch a cache. This way one was able to setup dependencies from your cache nodes to your Mantra ROPS. Is there a way to do this using standard nodes? I looked at the Fetch node, but it seems it can only target other rop nodes, like a rop in cops or similar. Cheers
  19. Render tree setup - fetching caches

    Thanks for the valuable info Henry. This is really helpful. I appreciate your time. Random other question, using a pcfilter (either vex or in vops), is it possible to specify more than one attribute? or would I need to filter once per attribute?
  20. Render tree setup - fetching caches

    @toadstormhere is a follow up question, maybe you know the answer. using multiple fetch nodes and piping the together ending the tree with a mantra rop, Houdini by default caches one frame from the first fetch cache, moves on to cache one frame on the second fetch node, and then render that frame with the Mantra rop, then repeat. This is highly unpractical for caches which are simulations.. is there a way to force it to cache out the full frame range of the first fetch node, and then move on to the second one?
  21. Fusion vs Nuke

    You are right about that. However the original post stated: Hence why I pointed to cops. I myself use Nuke for heavy and complex compositing. But 90% of the time, creating a basic comp in COPS is just as fast and efficient if not faster, than Nuke.
  22. Fusion vs Nuke

    why even bother with a 3rd party application? I use cops all the time for my compositing work and it works great
  23. Render tree setup - fetching caches

    @toadstorm ha you are totally right! I never thought about targeting that rop.. I am sure that will work exactly as intended. Thanks man
  24. Broken problem

    try changing the collision padding from 0.02 to 0.01. that should do the trick in most cases
  25. use point attribs in volume

    I think the issue was that I was creating the Cd volume with the VDB node. using a volume node and converting that to VDB works fine. anyhow, I ended up expanding on your shader approach and used that. Was perfect for what I needed to do. Cheers for your time mate