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  1. Event firing when a node is Deleted ( not HDA )

    Thanks, I get closer.. I check: Delete the Node. I have a strange error.. While run event callback: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable My Session code: def a(): print 1 DOes it causes the deleted node ? Any Idea? THX
  2. Event firing when a node is Deleted ( not HDA )

    Thanks, when the hip is opened a script should init the node events.. But I can't get it work now. My simple example: n = hou.node('/obj/null1') n.addEventCallback( hou.nodeEventType.BeingDeleted , hou.session.a()) It writes: TypeError: in method 'Node_addEventCallback', argument 2 of type 'std::vector<HOM_En umValue *,std::allocator<HOM_EnumValue * > > const &' Any Idea ?
  3. Event firing when a node is Deleted ( not HDA )

    Thanks, but I don't think it's a good sollution to override the factory default otls definition. It causes a lot of error. Maybe has other way. Any Idea ? Sz
  4. Hi, Can houdini pythyon can solve this: I have an object (rop network in obj) when is deleted I want to run a py script. Thanks in advance ! Sz
  5. Thank u for all !
  6. Hi, Thanks, but you see we are in the scripting section. I meant in Python. Sz
  7. Hi, In a Filecache node I would like to add an other Rendering button after the factory default button. Can it be somehow ? G
  8. Descriptive Parameter to Node

    Sorry, It works. I replaced the label with the parm name itself. THX!! G
  9. Descriptive Parameter to Node

    Thanks, I used it on an object level ROP network node, where I created an own string parameter. Like this: n = hou.node('/obj/ropnet_wip_v6_dRop_2_3') n.setUserData("descriptiveparm", "prog") n.userData("descriptiveparm") Not works! Is it works only on sop node ? THX!
  10. Descriptive Parameter to Node

    Hi, I found a very useful thing in docs but seems like not working for me unfortunately. Can anyone help ? I tried to add a descriptive parm to a node ( the same as a digital asset has ): node.setUserData("descriptiveparm", "parm") THX! G
  11. Simply Extract a given Subnet content

    I see a util calles homeToSelectionNetworkEditorsFor. but nothing more .. Can you help more ?
  12. Hi, In Houdini Python (or hscript ) can we simply extract a given subnet content ? THX! G
  13. Catch CTR+click in shelf tool

    Use it in you conde: SHIFT_CLK = kwargs["shiftclick"] CTRL_CLK = kwargs["ctrlclick"] ALT_CLK = kwargs["altclick"] Cheers! G
  14. Hi, Can scripting can solve a node refreshing ( script run when the node exist ) in a specific time intervall. I mean for example a progress note is refreshed. I found some advanced usage of Network Editor with event but the timer event was not given by examples. Did anyone know use it ? THX! G