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  1. Hi, Can it be possible ? If I have an invisible parameter but I would like to see its keys on the timeline. Just a kind of visual purpose. A similar thing like a DOP cached frames. THX! G
  2. Can I force the scene view to 'homeToSelection' ? I found the hou.GeometryViewport class but how can I get it in h16.5 ? THX!! G
  3. Sadly not. I didn't mean that. So .. when i run my script I update the selection too to see the user what property is wrong for example. And then in the script I pop up an asking dialog. But the property page is only refreshed when the user has answered the pop up dialog. So i mean i need a refresh among the script lines of the UI. THX! G
  4. Hi, Can I force Houdini UI to update selected object property page ( Or refresh all Houdini UI ). ( I change the selection in a python scipt ) Thanks !! G
  5. Force to update Menu Script from Python

    Thanks! Works!
  6. Hi, I have a button strip parm which is dependent on a parameter on the node itself. So when the parameter changes the button strip changes too. How do i force houdini to recook the menu items ? Thanks in Advance ! ! G
  7. Hi ! Can anyone help me how to acces the menu from script (maybe hscript) : scene view / Camera / Restore Previous Camera. Thanks in advance ! G
  8. Hi, Can I register a shortcut, I mean a keyboard event for a specified node in Houdini Python ? Thanks, G
  9. Hi All, Can a node store the sub-component selection of it but the node is not shown at the scene viewer ( but for example selected at the network editor ). And how can I get it ? G
  10. Thanks, but i think it's not what i needed. If I set an python expression on a parameter how can I get the owner parameter ( parameter object, and its name in my case ) , like this hou.pwd() but in my case as a parameter. G
  11. Hi, How can i get the actual parameter name ( or the parameter object ) from a parameter when using python expression on it. I mean something like this: hou.parm('.').name() but not works. In an object hou.pwd() but i need It on a parameter. THX! G
  12. Hi, I need to replace the interface of the houdini rop network with my own panel. I use it for sending renders to farm etc. I use the 'oppresetload' to load my property page to the node itself. The issues come when i want to change a few thing on the interface by a python script ( parameter labels and script callback of buttons -> see script bellow ). The issues are: folder conditional strings are cleared, some parameter type changes ( button strip ). My question is: What is the proper way of replacing a node's interface without Digital Asset ? THX! G Label change: ptg = parm_obj.parmTemplateGroup() parmname = 'active' pt = ptg.find( parmname) if is_sim == '1': rop.parm('issimtoggle').set(1) # pt.setLabel('Active / [ SIM ] / '+self.version) elif is_sim == '0': rop.parm('issimtoggle').set(0) # pt.setLabel('Active / [ RENDER ] / '+self.version) ptg.replace( parmname, pt) parm_obj.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) button Callback change Script : parm_obj = rop ptg = parm_obj.parmTemplateGroup() pt = ptg.find( parm) pt.setScriptCallback( script) pt.setScriptCallbackLanguage(hou.scriptLanguage.Python) ptg.replace( parm, pt) parm_obj.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg)
  13. ROP Network with Conditional String

    THX , but sadly not. These lines clearing the conditional string: ptg = parm_obj.parmTemplateGroup() parmname = 'active' pt = ptg.find( parmname) ptg.replace( parmname, pt) parm_obj.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) It seems like a bug. Isn't it ?