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  1. Basic operators in vex / python

    A lot of good information ! THX
  2. hotkey combined with ctrl

    I dont think that can work. That's a different hotkey.
  3. Use this as a callback:
  4. Reproduce Drag Nodes to Shelf By Python

    Thanks, it can work. But can you transform that data trough clipboard to a remote computer. Sz
  5. Hi, Try something similar: import os f_num = hou.evalParm('/obj/geo1/null/folder_parm') for idx in range( 1,f_num+1): os.makedirs( os.path.join( 'a:', os.sep, 'temp', hou.evalParm('/obj/geo1/null/folder'+str(idx))))
  6. Hi, Can the dragging nodes to shelf be reproduced in a python script ? It creates a bit of complicated hscript code inside the tool script field. I would use that code to transfer the nodes inside clipboard between home and office machine. The other thing i thought to save the nodes to file and transfer a binary data inside clipboard. Can that be ? Helps are wellcome ! Sz
  7. I wrote a simple script which would toggle the actual persp camera with a camera in hip. So just to make it clear i have to save the persp camera translation ( here i save it to an other cam ) but when i would toggle back to persp view ( set the stored cam and i use useDefaultCamera ) it does not refresh the view to the new camera. It remain at the old camera settings. That's why i tried the updates. Any Ideas ? #run_after_save = 0 import toolutils # Get the viewports from the sceneviewer scene_viewer = toolutils.sceneViewer() viewports = scene_viewer.viewports() persp_viewport = viewports[-1] look_trough_camera = persp_viewport.camera() if look_trough_camera == None: persp_viewport.saveViewToCamera( hou.node('/obj/cam1')) persp_viewport.setCamera( hou.node('/obj/cam_XX')) print 1 else: persp_viewport.setCamera( hou.node('/obj/cam1')) persp_viewport.draw() hou.ui.triggerUpdate() persp_viewport.useDefaultCamera() print 2 #hou.node('/obj/cam1').destroy() #import hdefereval #hdefereval.executeDeferred(hou.undos.performUndo)
  8. Hi, Can a viewport (presp) transformation be stored and later restored back again. I was searching for the memory toolbars in python but I could not find. Thanks G
  9. Tomas , maybe you got into this: oplib:/digic::Object/dScene2_test::1?digic::Object/dScene2_test::1 Warning(1314): incorrect number of #s in 'nassets' for multiparm depth of 1 oplib:/digic::Object/dScene2_test::1?digic::Object/dScene2_test::1 Warning(1446): incorrect number of #s in 'nrassets' for multiparm depth of 1 oplib:/digic::Object/dScene2_test::1?digic::Object/dScene2_test::1 Warning(1560): incorrect number of #s in 'nsagroups' for multiparm depth of 1 Did you? Probably an old Houdini version's asset , but I coudl not figure out how to solve.
  10. Sorry the goal is clear as I wrote. If you have an asset which has about 150 parameters you would not like to modify it by hand too. And you will have the chance to make a mistake ! Any help ?
  11. Yes. Thanks, but this is not what i am searching for. I would replace my menu script ( which has been written ) with an other script by a python script.
  12. Hi, Can It be possible to modify a Digitial Asset Parameter's Menu Script by Python ? I use a similar code like this to modify the callbacks , but I could not figure out with menu script.. if not script == None: pt.setScriptCallback( script) pt.setScriptCallbackLanguage(hou.scriptLanguage.Python) elif not replace_in_script == None: replace_what = replace_in_script.split('|')[0] replace_to = replace_in_script.split('|')[1] pt.setScriptCallback( pt.scriptCallback().replace( replace_what, replace_to)) pt.setScriptCallbackLanguage(hou.scriptLanguage.Python) ptg.replace( parm, pt) if not node.type().definition(): node.setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) else: ptg = node.type().definition().setParmTemplateGroup(ptg) Any Help is Wellcome!! Cheers, G
  13. Hi, Does anyone has an idea how to avoid the freeze when a shelf file changed by script and reloaded causes the Houdini to freeze ? Thanks in advance! SZ a part of the script : hou.shelves.loadFile( self.shelfFile) if force_all_refresh: hou.shelves.loadFile( self.shelfFile_def) hou.shelves.reloadShelfFiles()
  14. Hi, Does any sollution for that when the user drags a node to the shelf ( the same thing with dragging to the gallery in nw.ed. ) the stored tool is saved into the shelf itself not to the default shelf ( user dir/toolbar/default.shelf ). The main reason is this for sharing of nodes among artists. I am familiar with python too. Has any idea ?