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  1. Junior FX TD - Alex Pavel

    Hello, My name is Alex Pavel and i'm from Romania. I have a background in Fine Arts and Architecture. I just graduated a one year Houdini FX class with cgspectrum school and i'm looking for a junior position. This is my showreel: Thank you, Alex Pavel
  2. hscript

    I don't know about python but in my experience VEX seems to be replacing Hscript. The cooking times are much faster in VEX and in many ocasions it's easier than attribute VOP to setup something. I am pushing myself to learn VEX as much as possible.
  3. Hey guys, i am working on my student reel and i tried using Hqueue to render my projects. In my opinion this service is only viable if you have small cache files size to upload, otherwise it will take forever to upload the files. I tried to upload 30gb of files and it failed about 3 times and started all over every time. I have also tried to use dependencies, but it failed. Maybe because their default machine has 7gb of memory only. The other machines that have higher memory don`t work in my region (europe). Finally i got very frustrated and i gave up. I just couldn`t find a way to render a project with only 30gb of cache size. I also tried GridMarkets and they have much faster machines than the default 20EC2 from amazon. Their service is also much easier to use and you get 100$ free credit now, since they are in beta. That's my experience with cloud rendering. I hope it helps. Cheers, Pavel