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  1. Guided ocean layer help?

    Hey everyone!I've been messing around with the new guided ocean layer approach in Houdini 16, but came to realize my simulation goes haywire when I lower the particle separation. Everything seems to be respected at a particle count of 740,000, but when I simulate 3,000,000 points the velocities go crazy and I get patches where particles disappear.I attached both flip-books to show what I'm talking about.Both files have the same parameters just a different particle separation. hi_res_sim.mp4 lo_res_sim.mp4
  2. Hey guys, My scene right now involves an octopus tentacle slamming down and destroying the middle of a ship. I shattered the ship and added angular velocity in SOPS to the shattered pieces, which is then brought into DOPS with the 'inherent velocity from point velocity' option. I then added an 'rbd key activate' to activate once the tentacle hits the ship. The problem is the whole center of the ship is exploding out at once from the inherited velocity. Is there a way to only activate the angular velocity apon collision with the tentacle as it moves through the ship?
  3. Houdini Project Ideas?

    Thanks for the input guys, I'll get working!
  4. Bubble bath in Houdini?

    This is the result I was able to get after playing around for a bit. I have two particle systems, one for the foam and one for the actual bubbles. For the foam I took the interior of the bathtub and got the shape I wanted through a mountain SOP with animation on the offset. I then turned that into a volume to spawn points in a POP SOP and got the basic movement I wanted. After that I used a point cloud method to drive velocity through a POP VOP (which I got help from in this thread , http://forums.odforce.net/topic/9483-viscosity-and-elasticity-in-pops/).Finally I created pScale in an attribute VOP by running age and life through a fit range and meshed out the results. For the bubbles I used the meshed foam to spawn points on the surface and used an sdf collision POP VOP so the points slide along the surface (again getting help from the same thread as before). Once I got the motion I liked I created another pScale attribute in VOPS and copied spheres onto the points. This way you can control how big the bubbles get by the time they die. I'm still working on this project to get better results, and also to see if there's a better method in going about creating this. I would probably still be stuck if it weren't for Spencer Lueders and Peter Claes in the other forum that I mentioned. If you still need help here is the hip file : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wdqqhkmngdfnb1e/AACjnRmDbyYjqHnb1jIDpUORa?dl=0 Wasn't able to include cache files because of storage space.
  5. Hey guys! I'm approaching my senior year at University and I've been trying to think of a project I can start on, or a procedural system/tool I can create in order impress recruiters. My instructors don't know much about dynamics/Houdini in general since they have experience in other fields, so I'm not able to get any feedback as to what VFX recruiters look for in a Demo Reel. I have multiple projects I've completed but none that I feel really stand out. If you've had experience in the industry I'd love to hear some insight as to what makes a great dynamics reel, and any project ideas/challenges would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, I've been working in Houdini for some months now but I'm still not as fluent as I'd like to be. Mainly I've been working with different types of fluid behaviors, RBD, shattering with voronoi, etc. For the last month I've been learning VEX and VOPS. Although I don't know how I should approach this project. I need to create a bubble bath effect which interacts with a character for proof of concept. I was thinking of creating a filler object inside the tub, use it to scatter points, copy spheres and randomize the size, then create a POP network to play with the motion of the bubbles. This method just seems way to simple for the complexity that is Houdini haha, I'm also not sure if it would work. I attached some pics of what I'm looking for, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. RBD not containing Flip Sim

    Sorry about that, here's the project folder; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/na09e3piyihehkm/AABejYCHgWRXDsywQOgaQluza?dl=0 Chris, I'll try that out, thanks!
  8. I've been trying to create a beer simulation with foam, although when the cup moves the particles collapse in on themselves and fall out of the bottom of the RBD object. There doesn't seem to be any problems when the glass gets filled up, just when it starts to move. I thought it had to do with particle separation and sub-steps, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Any help would be appreciated! beerTest_v016.hipnc beerSimulation_help.mov