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  1. smaller ripples

    I will try to use some pop wrangle dop and add maybe some formula in vex limitting position. @P.y based on some mask.. or better using some drag force with similar setup..
  2. For those having problem " Untied key values. This is not supported. " you need select an object and in Animation Editor, select all keys and choose "Tie values".
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding a syntax in this expression or any other similar: vrorigin("", "/obj/sphere_object")[0] At the end of the expression we have [0] or [1] and [2], and it means xyz axis, but... There is completely no information about this bracket in Houdini help under vorigin. Some of the expressions have a number inside main function after comma. How can I know that? Is there any information about this [ ] brackets? I see there is some inconsistency in Houdini what makes learning difficult.
  4. bake keyframes fit panel problem

    Yes it is working It was important to use Rename CHOP and rename channels eg. from :tx to tx and give a proper path in Export Prefix.
  5. bake keyframes fit panel problem

    Thank You! I will check that.
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to transfer my animation from DOPs to SOP level, but I need to have a baked Curve. I managed to make a transfer between CHOPS > SOP using dynamics and export in CHOPS, but when I click Edit Data Channels and then Fit Panel > Copy to Export Destination (9 channels), I got a message "Status: 0 channels copied." The connection between CHOPS and SOP still works, I have a curve in Motionfx editor but I can't transfer it to Animation Editor and delete CHOP Network. Please Help.
  7. Hello everyone! I will give my solution to constraining chassis to helicopter. I use two constraints. rbd angular constraint and rbd pin constraint. Both of them have the same location and goal objects. (Constrainted object is helicopter and Goal object is chassis). Simple and fast.