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  1. Redshift causeing flipbook mplay to crash?

    Hey I have similar problem, its trying to open flipbook then houdini freeze for couple of seconds and nothing. Did you find out whats going on ? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have two houdini apprentice installed 17.5.425 and houdni 18. In h18 i can run flipbook normaly but in h17 its not opening. Its like for the moment it want to open the flipbook, then houdini freezes for couple of seconds and thats it. Cant open flipbook. Anyone had that ? Thanks
  3. Bullet constraint

    Thanks !!
  4. Bullet constraint

    I am trying like that but its not working.
  5. Bullet constraint

    Hi, I have simple scene in h18, sphere is hitting my column, I want to constraint top and bottom fragments of my column to the smaller boxes to make them static/inactive. Maybe there is a way without making constraints. If someone could help me I would be grateful. Thanks statueCrumble_odforce.hipnc
  6. fire embers problem

    Thanks Jesper for reply but even when i change it the embers still behave weird, they don't follow my flames.
  7. fire embers problem

    Hi guys, i am simulating fire and i want to add embers, and everything is working till I use this technique https://vimeo.com/164518223 to give wind to my fire. If you guys have some time to check i will appreciate it. Thanks fire_embers_problem.hip
  8. ConvertVDB- no density channel

    ok guys i will try it. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, i am struggling with stupid problem, i want to convert my bgeo files to VDB to later render them with arnold. But on convertvdb node i have that density channel is <empty>. I don't know what is wrong with my scene, for test i created same setup flames from the shelf, didn't change anything and it's working. Do you guys have any suggestion? Thanks firenosmoke_v003.hip
  10. sparkler effect-how to create

    Hey guys, i am trying to achieve this effects i am interested in sparks only, it doesn't have to burn over time, could you guys give me some suggestions how to aproach this kind of effect. Thanks