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  1. mask velocity in volume src

    Hi,what i want to do is mask velocity by density (where is no density, i ma not adding velocity) In old source volume I would do it like this but how in new volume source ? Like this ? Thanks
  2. Wrong glue constraints after second voronoi

    Ryzen 7 1700x 8c/16t 64gb win 10 , and the file was on ssd
  3. Wrong glue constraints after second voronoi

    Well I can open it in 15 sec to be honest. Yeah Append worked, thank you very much !!!
  4. Hi, i have a problem with glue constraints when I am doing second voronoi fracture. I dont know if this is an issue with pivot ? or something else. Can anyone help ? This one are correct, after first voronoi and then after for each loop I have this. I put in transform pivot tab $CEX,$CEY,$CEZ. Any help appreciate Thanks Mike glue_con_problem.hip
  5. Voronoi Fracture in for loop

    Hi guys I have kind of similar question about for each loops, so I won't start new topic. I am fracturing wood pieces inside for each loop , I want to make size of the splinters different, in general have more variation. I checked this thread and figure something out, but I would like to ask you if this is how you guys doing it ? are there different solutions you have. Thanks forEach_voronoi.hip
  6. For Each loop- constraint

    Yeah, thats also nice idea. I end up using group node and active attribute set to 0 .
  7. For Each loop- constraint

    Hi, I am trying to constraint my broken wood to my static holders with for each loop. I did it like that but i am looking for something like that (to have lines connected to centroid of objects) wood.hip
  8. Constraint to animated geo

    thanks for reply, yes this will work to make ends static. But now to attach it to my moving geo is tricky one, maybe I am missing something. I will keep playing with this scene.
  9. Constraint to animated geo

    Hi, I am following this tutorial (https://vimeo.com/305543446) , but I want to constraint end of the chain to my animated geometry. I tried couple of things but i can't work it out, anyone could help me? Thanks Mike chainTest_odforce.hip
  10. Redshift causeing flipbook mplay to crash?

    Hey I have similar problem, its trying to open flipbook then houdini freeze for couple of seconds and nothing. Did you find out whats going on ? Thanks
  11. Hi, I have two houdini apprentice installed 17.5.425 and houdni 18. In h18 i can run flipbook normaly but in h17 its not opening. Its like for the moment it want to open the flipbook, then houdini freezes for couple of seconds and thats it. Cant open flipbook. Anyone had that ? Thanks
  12. Bullet constraint

    Thanks !!
  13. Bullet constraint

    I am trying like that but its not working.
  14. Bullet constraint

    Hi, I have simple scene in h18, sphere is hitting my column, I want to constraint top and bottom fragments of my column to the smaller boxes to make them static/inactive. Maybe there is a way without making constraints. If someone could help me I would be grateful. Thanks statueCrumble_odforce.hipnc
  15. fire embers problem

    Thanks Jesper for reply but even when i change it the embers still behave weird, they don't follow my flames.