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  1. Hi, I have seen this posted a few times but no clear explanation on how to get it up and running. I created a simple drop of water with a small crown and a single drop on the top. its client likes it but when I up rez it, the simulation changes. is there a way to up rez and the simulation not change. need some help, please.
  2. clifford torus effect

    I need to work on my math big time. yeah what i was thinking is all in sop level, getting a circle rotating it and getting the closest part of the curve and giving it a value to use a displace by a normal.
  3. clifford torus effect

    Hi every one, I kinda have an idea to create, though not a good one, but wanted to show it here and ask how would you guys go about this effect in Houdini, let me know ur thoughts https://codepen.io/znah/pen/dKdoKW?editors=0010
  4. Dynamic Stacking Cubes

    I would start reversed, with them stacked up first, then do your sim. then add a time warp and reverse the frames. or do a pop attracted to points.
  5. Grains go up ?

    hi, if I may, simplify your set up, just let it all fall to see if all the forces are good. and also check the pscale. if the particles are penetrating each other it might make the sim explode, and try the sub steps on the vellum solver not the sub-steps on the object level.
  6. Hey every one, wondering if there is a way to dynamically change the node color and/or shape based on options selected. IE. a node that is the "controller null" link to various other nodes. but once an option is selected it changes the color indicating that option is selected. I don't have my hopes up. but wondering if there is a way and if any one know how to do it. thanks A
  7. stop motion with retime node

    Nice, I was thinking a modulus function but this is much simpler. thank you
  8. stop motion with retime node

    i am sure i might be doing this wrong but can't see where it is, trying to use the retime node for a stop motion effect, on 3 or 6s?
  9. thanks, Bruno, and thanks to Hector and DLee as well for all your help. I got mine working.
  10. Hey I never really used crypomattes, figured out how to use them in Mantra. My problem is how do I get the cryptomatte recognize each crowd person as its own data. tried using user data and setting the name attributes but it seems like it didn't work. anyone have an idea? thanks
  11. Feather system development

    Hi I was wondering if Owly feathers was updated to use the new houdini hair setup? or updated to be used in houini 16.5? cheers
  12. bacon Grains

    I think i found it thanks
  13. bacon Grains

    would anyone happen to have the bacon scene for that is shown in the master class at time 41? I want to learn how to emit from pops some geo and still be able to use the point deform,
  14. hope I can get some guidance, needs some help. Crowds agents animation pops when using random clip time and in sim. but in the crowd's source, the animation doesn't pop when I disable the randomize clip time. any idea why this would happen.
  15. Houdini crowds to maya ass files errors

    turns out that Maya mtoa was the older Arnold plugin.