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  1. Hey I never really used crypomattes, figured out how to use them in Mantra. My problem is how do I get the cryptomatte recognize each crowd person as its own data. tried using user data and setting the name attributes but it seems like it didn't work. anyone have an idea? thanks
  2. Feather system development

    Hi I was wondering if Owly feathers was updated to use the new houdini hair setup? or updated to be used in houini 16.5? cheers
  3. bacon Grains

    I think i found it thanks
  4. bacon Grains

    would anyone happen to have the bacon scene for that is shown in the master class at time 41? I want to learn how to emit from pops some geo and still be able to use the point deform,
  5. hope I can get some guidance, needs some help. Crowds agents animation pops when using random clip time and in sim. but in the crowd's source, the animation doesn't pop when I disable the randomize clip time. any idea why this would happen.
  6. Houdini crowds to maya ass files errors

    turns out that Maya mtoa was the older Arnold plugin.
  7. Hi every one, I have imported a Crowds "ass" file into Maya from Houdini. I come in just fine but when I render I get this error // Error: /obj/agent_source:polygons: parameter vlist is an array of type POINT, not VECTOR // // Error: [polymesh] /obj/geo1:polygons: out-of-range UV index // I don't have an attribute called vlist. and i would delete all that attributes. and still get this error. I was wondering if it was the shader search path. but I think I found the right location. after forcing the render with a region a few times I get a null shader on the crowds. any thoughts? thanks Angel
  8. Jake's HIPs Don't Lie

    stunning, looking forward to your next post
  9. Hi all I am hoping someone can help me here, I have seen using the Dynamics node in chops, I could plot the animation and send it to Maya as an object with an animation curve. however, I have an Alembic file with a few fractured pieces flying around. after choosing one piece, it needs to go back to Maya with animation on its rotation and translation. via something like FBX so the animators can edit it. is there a way we can do this?
  10. Attributes From Weather Data?

    Hi Atom, not sure about getting attribute data via code, but googleing "weather data" its sometimes comes up as RGB image, you could place it on a sphere and let the RGB value control the density drop a trail sop and use that as a source. this of course if its coming up as an image. if its raw data, I know that Rohan Davi did a tut on how to get spread sheet data to infuence values in Houdini. that is if your getting the data via spread sheets.
  11. hey guys we are hitting a wall. kinda thought it should be simple, but the motion blur in Mantra isn't matching the motion blur coming from Maya-Vray render. any tips or the reason why this would happen? thanks
  12. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    skip rendered frames?
  13. exporting alembic attributes to Maya

    I don't know Maya really, but In soft image there were nodes you could use in the ice tree to the extract data. Maybe there might be something similar in the graph editor, or some node tree you could extract it from. also you might need to rename the attribute to attributes that Maya can read, I think. sorry I wasn't much help.
  14. Just want to put all the extracted image plans (diffuse, AO, reflect, etc...) into there own directories(folders), is there a way to do this?
  15. enabling all avialiable GPU for openCL

    thank you, i got it as my main device now HOUDINI _OCL_DEVICENUMBER = 3, but when I get an error it says device 0