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  1. RBDs and Field Forces

    No sweat, Andy. I appreciate the response. If and when you can elborate on any sort of solution, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!
  2. RBDs and Field Forces

    Hello Andy, Looks like you and I ran into a similar problem. I'm currently trying to figure out how get a RBD Fractured Object (glued, Bullet Solver) to play nice with different fields and constraints but I'm finding it's harder than it looks. I did try switching the solver type and that does help in some ways. However, in does present other issues—all which of I'd rather avoid for my particular scene. It's funny you mention plugging things into the rigidbody node itself because I tried that too. Considering I'm coming from Maya and I'm not all that familiar with Houdini yet, I thought I would be able to find some sort of out of the box solution (at least by digging in the shelf). But like you. to my knowledge there really isn't a well documented reference for approaching this type of thing... Any chance have you found any sort of solution for using POP Forces along with RBD Packed Objects? Just wondering.... if so, I'd appreciate any input. Thanks!
  3. RBD Packed Object - Glue + Gravity + Constrain

    Yes, exactly. Thanks for summing it up Carlo haha... I apologize for the long winded description. Any tips or example files would be greatly appreciated If it helps, below is another image that does a better job of describing what I'm after.... Basically, I want the shattered pieces to be affected by gravity while the remaining pieces stay in place.
  4. Sorry if this question has been asked before (I've been searching the forums and still can't find an answer) but I have a question about setting up constraints for RBD Packed Objects. In a nutshell, what I'm looking to do is allow my main piece of geometry to "stay in place" while gravity only affects the pieces that are being collided with. I should mention I'm still relatively new to Houdini so I don't really have any idea of how this process has changed over serval versions—I'm on 15—nor do I have an extensive knowlegde of Houdini at this point (unfortunately, but that's why I'm learning). So far the issue I seem to be having is that my gravity is pulling down all of my fractured pieces (which are being held together by a glue constraint) but this geometry is part of a larger building which means I have to make sure it looks as if it is attached to the larger structure. Example image below. Hopefully this all makes sense and is enough to go on because I brought in all of my assets from Maya (alembic). I feel like I'm just missing something really simple here... tried adding a Pin Constraint earlier but realized there is a difference between using constraints with RBD Packed Objects and a regular RBD Object node... now I'm at a loss. Thanks in advance for any advice! -B