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  1. How did you get it to work with karma? I cannot get velocity motion blur working in karma or redshift. I asked someone from sidefx who asked a dev and apparently it's was sorta possible but not really.. so i assumed it wasn't possible at all. Any ideas how to make it work with karma? I've turned it on but nothing is happening.
  2. VR flipbook

    Hey guys, I'm working on something for VR and every time I want to preview something on the oculus I need to make a low res render because flipbook doesn't give you a 360 view. I found somewhere a example of someone making a 360 flipbook (can't find it anymore) but haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Any ideas?
  3. Popcurveforce - maxradius attrib not working

    Hey guys! Not really been active here, but planning on changing that I've ran into a little issue and i'm not sure why it isn't working, so I thought I'd try to ask on here. I have some particles following a curve using popcurveforce. I want to be able to influence the thickness of the radius so I made a maxradius attribute on my curve which i'm ramping. I was assuming it would pick up on the attribute but it doesn't. Anybody know? I've attached a HIP file. Cheers! maxradius.hipnc
  4. Popcurveforce - maxradius attrib not working

    Haha, i feel so stupid, I was trying to figure out how to do it with attributes and literally missed the tab with the curve I'll try to dive into the network as well to see if i can get it to work from SOP level, thanks!
  5. Networks sims using Deadline or HQueue

    hey guys, So I got a new workstation this week, and i'm trying to setup my old system as a render/simulation node. I did get mantra rendering to work using deadline, but simulations aren,t working for some reason. I'm getting this error (see attached image) I also tried HQueue, but all my jobs keep failing there. HQueue does see both my computers, but it immediately fails when I submit a job (either render or sim) I'm on windows and I'm using Houdini Indie. Any ideas?
  6. Networks sims using Deadline or HQueue

    yeah output path is valid, mantra renders work just fine with deadline so I don't think that's the problem. I'm just trying to send a sim very simple test sim to my secondary machine with a ROP output driver. No clustering or anything. Just want to get this working first before I try clustering.