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  1. Math noob - rotation formulas

    Hi, While rotating an object, we are essentially changing the position of the points of the Geo. So, the above mentioned formula changes the point position along y and z axis but not x axis. To implement it in a point wrangle, just drop in a test object on to the grid followed by a point wrangle and enter the following code in the wrangle : float angleX = ch("xRad"); float posY = @P.y*cos(angleX) + @P.z*sin(angleX); float posZ = @P.y*(-sin(angleX)) + @P.z*cos(angleX); @P = set(@P.x, posY, posZ); Change the "xRad" parameter, the object "appears" to be rotating along the X-Axis, but in reality, it is just changing the point positions along Y and Z axis. Hope it helps! S
  2. Houdini lava sim troubleshooting

    Hi Chase! I took a look at your file, i had once done a similar effect, what i did for it to work was i created a custom temperature on the colliding geometry, brought it to the Dop level and used it to drive the viscosity. Check the file below... Cheers, Sankeerth CoolingBasedOnObject_ToUpload.hip
  3. Houdini Projects - Deforming character shatter - HIP file included

    Hi Anthony! I had a look at your file, the reason the pieces seem to be moving with the character is because you haven't turned the deformation to 0 after the pieces turn active like how Mr. Parks did in his file. Have a look at the attached file. Sankeerth CharacterDeform.zip
  4. Houdini Projects - Deforming character shatter - HIP file included

    A very good post started by Drew! Very nice hip file! I achieved a similar effect in a slightly different way, instead of storing the point animation as a separate variable, I fractured the object first and "point deformed" the fractured object and copied the point velocities to the simulation. Here is the output: https://vimeo.com/179720318 Sankeerth
  5. Animated copy stamps question -

    Not sure if this is what you want, but have a look at the attached file.. Hexes07_sampleToUpload.hipnc