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  1. Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and has any alternate suggestions. We access alembic cache information using pyalembic's cask wrapper. For houdini alembic caches we get start and end frames of 0.0. For Maya's alembic caches we get correct start and end frames . According to the pyalembic docs [http://docs.alembic.io/python/cask.html#module-cask]: time_range() Returns a tuple of the global start and end time in seconds. ** Depends on the X.samples property being set on the Top node, which is currently being written by Maya only. ** So it appears Maya writes this X.samples property on the Top node which Houdini does not do. Does anyone have alternate suggestions for extracting the start and end frames from houdini alembic caches using pyalembic?
  2. Using OpenVDB nodes with houdini Engine?

    Has anyone used the OpenVDB Visualize node [Active Voxels -> Solid box] with success in the houdini engine for maya?
  3. Is there a verbose mode or any additional info available from this command? We have expanded otls built using hotl -C and this output: old Contents stored as Contents.bkp1 collapsed Contents.dir into Contents Error writing collapsed library: <OTL NAME>.otl However running the command again it works.... Thanks for any tips! houdini: 12.1.185
  4. Hi all Does anyone know a way to set this as a command line argument to mplay? Under: Windows/Display Options/Correction/"Apply Brightness before LUT and Gamma" It looks like it's this in the mplay.pref file: correct.prebright := 0; Cheers
  5. fbx export - uv issue - anim vs static

    Steven gotcha - sorry about that - feel free to delete this thread :-) cheers
  6. I have an very simple animated mesh [growing ribbons] that has uv values per vertex. My point count does change per frame. When I export a single frame the uvs get exported fine. When I try to export a range of frames the uvs don't export - just the geometry. Is this a limitation of the fbx exporter/format? Anyone else run into this?
  7. fbx import from maya

    Thanks steven yes makes total sense - there's a whole thread regarding this issue at sesi - and I am using build 124 which was mentioned having these camera issues. I should have looked there first...! cool thanks!
  8. fbx import from maya

    Also spotlights seem to come in almost correctly - the x rotation comes in -270 degrees from what it is in maya. However translation values and y and z rotations are correct. ...peculiar
  9. fbx import from maya

    I'm exporting a simple scene from maya2008 which has animated camera and objects. Importing with fbx I've noticed the camera's translation values are all correct but the rotations are completely off. My simple workaround is to bake out a locator within maya parented to the camera. Then once the scene is imported into houdini - just zero out the camera in and parent it to that locator. Is there a trick to getting the camera to translate correctly from maya to houdini using fbx? otherwise fbx seems great so far! cheers steve
  10. Emiting Particles From Texture.

    Katherine - this is a simple expression that will work in the point SOP add color field pic("source image COP", $MAPU, $MAPV, DC_LUM) or tex("source image file", $MAPU, $MAPV, DC_LUM) this will get the luminance value from the texture file or COP according to the uv lookup maintained by each point have a good weekend!
  11. Basic Attribute Transfer Question

    muchas gracias sir [is that ken O. up in TO? - if so hi to todd and terry!] been stuck in maya since core - finally getting a chance to get back into houdini ss
  12. Basic Attribute Transfer Question

    I have an animated texture map that i want to use to birth particles on an obj sequence exported from maya. I can get the texture map to stick to the deforming geo with a rest sop - i just don't know how to transfer the texture map info onto the deforming geometry so i can birth particles from it. easy in maya and i'm sure even easier in houdini... right? many thanks
  13. [movie Tutorial] Maya To Houdini

    errr nevermind this link from the end of the movie does work for the mel scripts and the otl: http://www.dnabox.com/course/maya_to_houdi..._to_houdini.rar cheers!
  14. [movie Tutorial] Maya To Houdini

    This link is broken - anyone know where else to get the faultCam otl??
  15. Which Linux Distribution?

    Jason! The lockups I was having with the FC5 install is the reason I switched to openSuse! It installed fine on the first go. And of course since then I've actually reinstalled it 3-4 times on various machines... It's worked fine as long as I go with gnome and not kde for the gui So do you always boot in text [init 3] mode and then type "startx" or "init 5" once you're up?? I preferred it when someone else knew how it all worked together ;-) are you in LA still??