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  1. Anybody using RTX 2080Ti with CentOS?

    Have you installed the driver through kmod? I have it running on CentOS 7, not sure about the driver version. But doing a new install on CentOS 8 failed for now, I read on another forum there is an issue with the kmod package. Cheers Stefan
  2. Capture issue

    Hello folks! I try to rig a character with the KineFX and capture tools but the mesh does not follow the skeleton completly. I get errors from the 'capture_layer_paint sop'. See the attached hip, there is a simple animation. I also have to reset the viewport with the new LABs command (> Help> Reset Viewport) often to see the selected SOP... rig_capture.hipnc
  3. read object paths from point attribute

    Thanks Tomas! Still getting confused by expressions here) I got it reading the path from incoming point/ detail attributes now.
  4. Hi, I need some advice on the the syntax used to read in the object path in a 'object merge' SOP from a point attribute. I tried with and point(-1,'path',0) and detail(-1,'path',0) as well as `detail(-1,'path',0)` "Warning Invalid sop specified: "detail(-1,'path',0)" Cheers Stefan