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  1. FEM Target Stiffness per point

    I think I figured it out. I thought the docs are quite unclear. This is what the docs say: ""Expert users can control targeting at the vertex level using the pintoanimation, targetstiffness, targetdamping, targetP, and targetV vertex attributes." Apparently it's the combination of @targetstrength together @targetdamping. It must have changed in later releases. Just posting this for anyone running into the same problem. Cheers Ralph
  2. FEM Target Stiffness per point

    Hey Guys, I'm working on a project that requires organic tissue. I'm using FEM for that. So I'm getting an animation from our animator and I will run my sim on that. I want to have some points follow the animation and the rest will be driven by the sim. So I'm using a target animation. I can get the the pintoanimation attribute to work so thats following nicely however I want to have it weighted a bit more. From my understanding this should be the targetstiffness attribute. However I can't get it to work. If I set the target strength on the hybrid object to a high value but set the @targetstiffness on the points to 0 it still follows the animation. I expect it not to follow to follow since it's a multiplier. Obviously I must be doing something wrong... Can anyone point me out what I'm doing wrong. I made a little test scene to show the issue. Thanks in advance! Ralph test_target_stiffness.hip