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  1. I will keep lookint into it @davpe!
  2. FYI. and for future reference, I decided to go with the old school instance node, rather than the copy to points approach. The later was taking much more time to refresh on viewport even with a few hundred copieas displayed as a box. The geo "instance" node could easily handle over half a million instances in the viewport. The other thing is as @davpe mentioned, packed instances are not suported by Arnold, which I need to use the final render. With the geo "instance" node I managed to render half a million instances, animated with over 3 million faces each with no problem. I will just try to implement time randomness with the techique sugested by @Atom.
  3. @davpe thanks again for looking into this, really appreciate it. I will give it a try.
  4. Sure, thanks for looking into this. instance_for_loop.hiplc
  5. Again, thank you guys, for the advice. @davpe The attribute randomization works very well with the "for each loop" method. Unfortunately, when I try to render the packed copies, the material sometimes renders fine and sometimes renders completely gray, as if there where no material assigned (renders fine with unpacked copies though), a bug maybe? Has anyone encountered the same problem? I am using Houdini Indie 16.5.405 under Windows 10 OS.
  6. Thank you so much for your replies guys. @davpe The reason I am using instance subnet is because I will render the scene in Arnold and each instance is almost 4 million polys, I was under the impresion that the instance method had the best performance but I may be wrong. Your approach seams like a very good alternative, I will give it a try. @Atom Thanks for the reply, sounds also like a good approach, actually I do have a bgeo sequence for the animations, will give it a try as well. Although with this approach I am still not sure how I would randomize the materials, the thing is my animated geometry will have several material groups, will keep you guys posted. Cheers.
  7. Hello, I am having trouble randomizing parameters from instanced geometry from within an "instance" subnet. Say for example I wanted to randomize the speed of an instance's animation (on the sop "timeWarp" node), or the start frame of the instance's animation (on the sop "timeShift" node), or perhaps randomize it's material. Please check attached file. Thanks in advanced. instance_randomize.hiplc
  8. Hello everyone, I am currently having some trouble exporting my RBD simulations from Houdini to Maya, rendering with Arnold. Namely with UVs and motion blur. Although I have uv and v attributes, none of them transfer correctly, uvs are lost and motion blur looks streaky in some frames. I recall having no problem with voronoi fractures but this time I am using booleans to generate the fractured pieces. I have tried using both .ass files and alembics with no luck. I am curious to hear about your workflows. Thanks in advanced. David.