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  1. get inspired

    thanks for the link time to give something back, in case you dont know this link go there at once http://cube.phlatt.net/forums/spiraloid/ Cheers, rarefunk
  2. new poll?

    1. Something like the IPR in M*** (multithreated), but with the addition to be able to use it in the compositor , so we can do lightning and shading finetuning while seeing the whole composite. 2. More lights, with more interactive handles (eg. attenuation handle, ...) 3. Paint cop 4. Tracker cop 5. Motorfader support to automatically recall midifader positions on project loading 6. Midi learn 7. Add chops to houdini halo 8. Ultimatte and Tinder plugins available for halo
  3. Hi tuangD you have to change an environmentvariable and point it to your favorite text editor I think the variable was called "editor" rarefunk
  4. Does NUKE replace Shake on Windows

    Hi Rafal you might want to check this link for some screenshots http://www.fxguide.com/modules.php?name=Ne...=article&sid=50
  5. odforce?

    Hi Marc odforce is really great. I like the new forum very much, and I guess everybody else too, because now the forum is getting some action. What I would like to see is something like a "dropbox for hipfiles" on odforce, where everybody who has an idea or a tip can upload the file for everybody. rarefunk