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  1. Ocean Foam Camera Emit H17.5

    Can't believe no one has fixed that even in latest 18.5 build. Thanks for the tip
  2. Mother Nature's Power

    That looks good. any chance this goes on gumroad at some point?
  3. Pragmatic VEX: Volume 1 [4K] [H18.5]

    Same here. trying to prepare my self for this one! Looks so good!!!!
  4. FX/CFX reel

    Just updated my reel. Check it out
  5. render time displacement by UV values

    I ended up just using Cd from geometry. so it`s ok for now. just need to subdivide geo a lot. I`ll get back to this one when I have time. as it is working for now. Thanks
  6. render time displacement by UV values

    bump This is a very good tutorial about how to do it, but Cannot wrap my head around of how to do it based on UVs ..
  7. Hey guys. Any idea how I could get render time displacement, based on values of points that I scattered on the surface? This is a simple scene of what I`m trying to achieve. Basically I have sourceprimnum and uv values on points and I just need to transfer those values to UV maps I think so I could use them in redshift to drive displacement. I tried using geomerty to bake displacement maps in COPs and it works, but original geometry is would have to be subdivided too many times and would get way too heavy for what I`m after. Any ideas how I can do that in render time? I`m gonna use Redshift, but that doesn`t really matter. Cheers Janis displacement2.hip
  8. Thank you for this! Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers Janis
  9. Align card with vector

    Thanks for all the help guys. Lots of files and setups to learn from. I ended up just getting rot axis Vector(using N and up vector) and getting orient attribute with quaternion function. As this seems like the easiest way to rotate. I bring each card to the center so I use transform just to scale them up uniformly. Cheers Janis
  10. Align card with vector

    Dude you`re a legend! Thanks a lot for this. It`s gonna take some time for me to go through all the wrangles and understand how exactly it`s working But it works good. apart from cards flipping. I`ll upload part of my setup so it`s more clear what I`m doing. I kinda made it work with building a polyframe and rotating, This tutorial helped me a lot with trying to understand matrices and so on: but it rotation work only on one axis and when I try scaling it acts bit funky (RotX and scaleY works nice). That is why I thought bringing it to center. do all the rotations and transforms there and then transform it back to world space(for each card) would be a better solution. Cheers Janis cov_eigenC.hipnc
  11. Align card with vector

    Thanks a lot. will look into this.
  12. Align card with vector

    These new nodes in H18 are gold! Orientation along curve!. shame can`t use 18 for this project. So doing this vex . Cheers
  13. Align card with vector

    Thanks. this works nicely(apart from flipping) Just not sure how to do rotation and scaling and then transform card to original position. Thanks for the help!
  14. Align card with vector

    For now I use this setup. (for each is because I`m applying it to many cards) But rotation doesn work if original card is facing different directions unfortunately alignToVector2.hipnc
  15. Align card with vector

    Hey, Thanks for the reply! Really appreciate it. For now looking at it, if looks way over my head in vex and python. So I don`t really know how to transform it back to original orientation. Also it doesn`t work when scaled down. and when I rotate the original card if flips from one side to another. Just t clarify what I`m after. Im gonna have multiple cards around geo that I want to rotate and scale if for each loop. So my idea was to bring each card to origin align with XY axis then just use transform for scale and rotation, and then apply transforms back to card to get it back to original position and rotation(with new roation ac scale on top of those transforms). Similar to this effect. just want to have control on scale and rotations based on normals from geo. Cheers Janis