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  1. FLIP Collision and behaviours

    haha Flippedy done with that finally
  2. FLIP Collision and behaviours

    Wassup Dan. #fliplife
  3. FLIP Collision and behaviours

    best thing to do is make a basic scene and do bunch of wedges with changing those parameters. But to answer question. Physical parameters for static object is for static one. as you can have more than one static object in scene with different bounce and so on. And flip physical properties are for the flip. If I`m not mistaken. Cheers Janis
  4. Missile launch in Houdini

    As mentioned substeps will help you out. Also you can try motion blur on fluid source node. So your source is already like smoke trail. that would fill up the gaps as well. Mix it up with some substeps and you`re good to go.
  5. Missile launch in Houdini

    That course is looks great! Have you done it already? Cheers Janis
  6. RAM cleanup

    permission denied for this one
  7. RAM cleanup

    Cache manager helps a bit. Bit cleans up just a bit. I bet there`s something I can type in Linux terminal that could clear some RAM. just don\t know what exactly.
  8. RAM cleanup

    It`s hard to just let it do it`s think. If I want preview displaced whitewater. but run out of RAM and then need to restart everything. For example I had 70 Gb of RAM used. now even after clearing cache. ok theres still some left. but closer to end of the day I will have restart Houdini just to avoid running out of RAM. Cheers
  9. RAM cleanup

    Is there a way to clear RAM from houdini caches? Basically I`m using read node to read in flip particles and volumes. then meshing, setting up whitewater source etc. After a while RAM is just full and cache manager just help a bit there`s always 20-50 Gb RAM still being used by houdini after that. running Houdini 16 on Linux. Cheers Janis
  10. Can`t find post. Pyro

    Exactly!!! Cheers Paul
  11. Can`t find post. Pyro

    Anyone remembers in which topic one of the Grand Masters of Houdini explained PYRO quite nicely: disturbance, incoming velocities, getting rid of mushroom look, etc. Was a quite long answer and very useful, unfortunately I`ve lost the link to it. So if anyone knows what I`m talking about, help me out. Cheers Janis
  12. Voxelised Fluid

    Looks nice, but what happened to fps?
  13. Motion graphics/ Houdini, Cinema 4D, Arnold

    Thanks Sim wise - Flip, Pyro and Shortest path growth from Entagma is done in Houdini, everything else Cinema 4d. Had some more tests with FEM and other solvers, but just couldn't get them to place I wanted before the deadline. I love Houdini, but it's so fast to set up everything in C4D.
  14. Made this little motion graphics intro with Houdini and C4D, rendered in Cinema 4d with Arnold