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  1. Redshift hair rendering (for Feathers)

    I`m having 0 luck with this one unfortunately. Here`s my .hip, if anyone want to play around with it or have some better idea. Cheers Janis RsHairCdTest.hip
  2. Redshift hair rendering (for Feathers)

    I`ve found out this is a limitation for Redshift, currently curves don’t support point attributes. They only support attributes and UV coordinates at the primitive level, one value for all the curve points. But... https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/25582/ Pinkmoonllc: "I did have my own work around, however. I imported Cd and multiplied it by the RS Ramp Node, which I left as white. See attached image. (requires uv vertex attr in sops)" Will have to try this.
  3. Redshift hair rendering (for Feathers)

    Thanks Hernan, but I got this working as well, Cd as prim attribute. But then you cannot get ramp from bottom to tip. just one color for each hair I would like to have control over color per point as we need to render feathers and look dev is gonna come from houdini with Cd attribute. Cheers Janis
  4. Hi guys, Any idea how I could to pass Cd point attribute to RS Hair shader? or any other point attribute. Cd works only as prim attribute on curves. I have done it with particles and primitives with ParticleAttributeLookup, but it doesn`t work on hair curves. Weird thing is that @width works perfectly, by default. That is why I think I should be able to use any other point attribute that I create as well. Any ideas? RedshiftHair.hip
  5. [SOLVED] vex groups question

    Perfect. This is what I was looking for. Thanks Nice one. This works nicely as well with fid`rint(@fid)` Thanks guys! Cheers Janis
  6. Hi, Probably easy question, but what would be the way to make this vex code shorter and work for more @id`s, so I don`t have to copy the same line of code multiple times? if(@fid == 0) i@group_fid0 = 1; if(@fid == 1) i@group_fid1 = 1; if(@fid == 2) i@group_fid2 = 1; if(@fid == 3) i@group_fid3 = 1; I basically want to make a group for all primitives with same id. I`m guessing it can be done using arrays, but I`m not too good with them. Thanks Janis
  7. [SOLVED]Expression in Geometry ROP node

    Turns out expression doesn`t error out if it can`t find light in the path. so no need to use if statement. All works now. Cheers
  8. [SOLVED]Expression in Geometry ROP node

    I need to get an if statement that replaces /light/ to /fx/ only if there is a /light/ in the path, if there isn`t then just leave it as it is.
  9. Hi could anyone help me with this expression that I use in Geometry ROP node in OUT context? basically I just need to look for /light/ in the string and if it`s there replace it with /fx/ Here`s what my expression looks now. and If I save hiop somewhere else expression breaks `strreplace(strreplace($HIP, houdini/hip, cache), P:, V:)`/cache_001.$F4.bgeo.sc V:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/fx/work/cache/cache_001.0957.bgeo.sc $HIP - P:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/fx/work/houdini/hip $HIP(in lighting) - P:/project/sequences/201/201_0020/light/work/houdini/hip look for /light/ if there is no /light/ in the string do nothing else replace with /fx/ Thanks a lot Janis
  10. Vancouver HUG (VHUG) 2019 T-shirt design results

    The one with Crag is the best
  11. Group primitives by normal direction [SOLVED]

    Ok, I got it Just had to use dot product of 2 vectors group_faces_dot_product.hip
  12. Group primitives by normal direction [SOLVED]

    To make it more clear I would like to group faces from sphere nr 2, whose normals are facing same direction as closet point from sphere 1.
  13. Group primitives by normal direction [SOLVED]

    Thanks for the reply, Not really, the whole idea with grouping using normals would be to get only shell be in the group. normals for those small primitives by the edges are not aligning with normals from the mesh that I`m using to transfer color.
  14. Group primitives by normal direction [SOLVED]

    Spasibo Viktor, That would be easy then yes, but this is just an example scene. I have alembic geo imported, with no groups predefined. So that is why I thought maybe best way to goup outer shell is by matching normals.