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  1. Moana Water Separation Scene

    Eau_002.hipnc Like this. but You would get better results with ocean tools and masking.
  2. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

    I`m using the setup with compiled for each with point deform for this project. But there must be better way of doing it. Anyone? Cheers Janis
  3. Vellum jitters non-stop without loss of energy!

    Thanks for the hip! Works like a charm.
  4. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

  5. Hair self collisions vellum

    So the biggest offender was checkbox in vellum constraints node, that was computing missing orientation. Unchecked that and played around with pscale, to stop them from intersecting at first frame. Substeps, collision passes. and got it to somewhat work. Only when some hair is intersecting can`t increase pscale to make it stack more on top of each other. maybe I will try layer shock. Not sure how that would work on hair? selfcolision.hip
  6. Hair self collisions vellum

    Hi I need to sim groom that needs to be quite stiff, but hair should self collide and layers should stay on top of each other. I can`t seem to make it work. Here`s simple example scene that I`m working on to test it. Any tips of how to make it work are welcome Thanks Janis selfcolision.hip
  7. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

    Thanks Andrea. I`ll give it a go!
  8. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

    Ok so Compile block made it wayyyy faster. But I`m still curious what is the best way of deforming groom to sim curves. This can`t be it... I mean it works, but still slow... Has anyone done it in houdini??? Cheers Janis
  9. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

    I guess I could speed up everything by using compile blocks. Just need to take out timeshift from foreachloop. Never used compile though.
  10. FUR. HAIR. Deform Groom using Sim curves?!?

    That`s one way to do it. pointdeform based on connected piece, but for each is heavy even on this basic scene. On my groom it would take ages... Anyway I could do something like this without a use of for each loop?? Cheers Janis groomDeform2.hip
  11. Hi, Anyone knows a good way to deform groom using sim curves? as guidegroom deform doesn`t seem to work for me and pointdeform has some other issues. Do I really have to sim low res curves and then apply hairgen for full res? Problem is that i have my groom done already and want to sim approx 10% of curves and only the long ones and deform my groom by those curves. Obviously I can`t acces Furtility, so is there any other good way using Houdini to do it? Thanks Here is the simple example of what I`m talking about: groomDeform.hip
  12. Thanks Jie for explanation, it works!! Spot on Aizatulin! That is what I was missing. So everything was correct in vops, just needed to normalize the N beforehand! Cheers I`ll add the hip here, if anyone needs it, grooming specific shape is so much more controllable than using guideadvect. Vector_length4.hip
  13. Hi Andrii, Thanks for the reply! So I`m getting somewhere with intersect, but missing still something.. What am I doing wrong here? As when I put addpoint it does creates the new points exactly where I need them, but when I measure distance attribute, something is still not matching. Thanks Janis Vector_length3.hip
  14. As you can see it doesn`t work with just measuring the distance, if I change the vector direction Vector_length2.hip
  15. Hi, How could I measure vector distance to another surface like you see here. Not just closest point distance, but distance following the vector. I would like to use this as length point attribute in hairgen to control the shape of groom with geo. Cheers Janis Vector_length.hip