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  1. Ben Koppel Disintegrate effect

    Looks like it`s done using grains. This tutorial could help with that. Just instead of gravity apply noise to particles
  2. The Beauty

    Looks great. and fun. Huge project for one person! My last project I worked as Tech anim/CFX artist and just can not keep on looking at all those floating charters and feet intersections... Other than that looks really great. Good job.
  3. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    you need to change upVector, depending of orientation of your object. Anyway it`s not the best way. just use this method. It`s gonna work
  4. Watch this one https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-intermediate-ocean-fx There`s 10 day free trial
  5. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    This should work. Just group by dot product. vector upVector = set(0,1,0); float dotPr = dot(@N, upVector); if(abs(dotPr) == 1) i@group_points = 1; dotProduct.hip Even easier way of doing that
  6. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    But you need to do bounding object group separately. so group twice. But unshared edges will work only on flat geo. looks like yours is extruded
  7. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    include by edges and check unshared Edges. Should do the job.
  8. Why do you need 2d effect. Just convert the mesh to VDB with high voxel size, then back to polys, peak it out, if necessary. And then apply any pattern effect you want on this mesh.
  9. You can find a lot of info in previous posts here as well. Just search for hexagon.
  10. This is what you are looking for: This one haven`t started yet though.
  11. Daniele's Houdini sketchbook

    This looks great!
  12. Whitewater jitter/explodes

    Probably velocities, maybe vorticity. Try enabling all tabs one by one in Whitewatersource and see which one causes the errors. p.s. looks like a cool project to work on!
  13. Expressions in file names. Mantra output file

    Got it. `strreplace(strreplace($HIP, work/houdini/hip, geo), P:, V:)` no backticks if you put expression function in to an expression function. Still don`t get it properly. When to use any of those 3: `' " ch('whatever') ch("whatever") works both in vex. Where could I find proper info about those guys (`' ")? Cheers
  14. try length(v@v). and emit only when this value is > 0.
  15. Hey guys, How can I change the path in mantra Output file from: P:/projectname/shotname/fx/work/houdini/hip to: V:/projectname/shotname/fx/geo can`t figure out how to run strreplace twice. this doesn`t work: `strreplace($HIP, P:, V:)` `strreplace($HIP, work/houdini/hip, geo)` $HIP is P:/projectname/shotname/fx/work/houdini/hip also + is to add to the path, how can i subtract from the path? Cheers Janis