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  1. That Houdini viewer is Ace! What a cool way to share setups
  2. Just one of many ways of achieving this wire_moving.hip
  3. How to show sim details for Houdini??

    That`s one way to do it. Font node and point expression http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/point particleCount.hip
  4. ahh yes. Didn`t notice the typo and did it myself. Was just laughing about the joke
  5. Houdini 4D

    Not only 4!
  6. [SOLVED]Point max distance (Plasma look)

    Dude, you`re a legend! Works perfectly. Just gonna adjust influence by age, as I need that only for the tips at the shot that I`m working on, and it`s done. Thanks a lot. Next time I`m in Vancouver I`ll but you a beer. Cheers Janis
  7. [SOLVED]Point max distance (Plasma look)

    This works nicely. Just rendering now to see how it works for moving particle cache. Thanks a lot! I`m doing this post sim as I couldn`t get my particles do that in the sim. I used pop vop for vel update and was mixing v with noise to get particles more streaky together, like plasma. it works untill some point and then the further they get away, some of them just leave dense areas. Basically I was trying to get whitewater foam like behavior, so sim is streaky. any idea how I could use pcnumfound() in pop wrangle. where less dense particles would try to stick to areas where is more dense? I`ll attach hip. How far I got for this plasma look. Cheers Janis points2.hip
  8. Hi. I have a particle sim where I have dense and sparse particle areas. I would like to set pscale for all sparse particles close to 0. I made this wrangle following Entagma tutorial with forloop, but when I apply this wrangle to the sim with millions of particles, it`s way too heavey. Any other approach how I could achieve same result? Attached there is hip. And using Cd just for visualization purposes. Cheers Janis points.hip
  9. ahh yes. That`s what I thought. looks weird not plugged in but maybe that works as well
  10. Hard to tell without the .hip But could be something to do with Search radius in pcopen maybe?
  11. imported geometry pivot

    just blast the lower polygon and put transform node under it with expressions sepu mentioned. or you can blast that polygon put null at the end with name OUT_whatever(just to keep it organized) and then on transform node that is just under your geo put expression in pivot position centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_X) centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Y) centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Z) for XYZ accordingly All done in geo level
  12. Ben Koppel Disintegrate effect

    Looks like it`s done using grains. This tutorial could help with that. Just instead of gravity apply noise to particles
  13. The Beauty

    Looks great. and fun. Huge project for one person! My last project I worked as Tech anim/CFX artist and just can not keep on looking at all those floating charters and feet intersections... Other than that looks really great. Good job.
  14. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    you need to change upVector, depending of orientation of your object. Anyway it`s not the best way. just use this method. It`s gonna work