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  1. Polywire Taper

    Thanks for that! Great solutions there! Cheers!
  2. Polywire Taper

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a taper in a polywire for a space colonization sim, but I'm not really getting through it. My main objective is the final model in the end, so even if the animation in the begging looks weird, I'm cool with that. polywire_taper_v01.hipnc Any one care to help me out? Thanks in advance! Eduardo Souza
  3. Hello guys, I have been doing some RBD sims using a sphere as wrecking ball with a Pin Constraint driving the movement of the ball. But I was wondering If there is a way to use the Pin Contraint line to interact with the objects of the sim. I created one method extruding one poly that is in the normal of the pin constraint, but I kind of think that might be too cheap/dirty. Any ideias on how I could do this in another way? I'm attaching the way I did it, and it helps to understand the effect I'm looking for. Any ideas are greatly appreciate! Thanks, Eduardo Souza constraint_Breaking.hipnc
  4. Freeze selection of a fractured object

    That did it! Thanks so much!
  5. Hello, I've been studying Houdini for a couple of months now, so forgive me, if this seems kind of stupid. I have a very simple scene of a ball destroying a plank of wood. I got the fracture, and and simulation running, but I was wondering on how to hold this wood in the vertical position. Basicaly, what I want to do is select the base of the fracture plank and just freeze that, still using the glue to keep everything together, so when the ball hits, everything breaks and just the bottom part stays in position. I got a box in the scene to show the range of what I want to select. Thank You. Fracture_Test.hipnc