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  1. Constraints and animated geo

    Hi everyone, I was playing around with animated geometry and I encountered the following issue. I created this simple scene to show the problem I was getting with two ground planes, one of them is animated and on top of them I have a few boxes connected with a constraint to each other. The ground planes have a constraint to the objects touching them. I want the constraint of the boxes (red constraint) to start breaking when the ground plane moves. Right now I’m getting a weird behavior, where the constraint connecting the ground and the boxes is expanding (yellow constraint). When I remove the constraint connecting the boxes (red constraint), it seems to work fine but of course the boxes have not constraint and thats not exactly what I want. Here are two flipbooks and the hip file. Any help will be appreciated. rip_apart_constraint_01.hipnc constraint_issue_a.mov constraint_issue_b.mov
  2. Setting attributes using VEX

    Hey @j00ey, thanks for responding and I'm sorry if my post was confusion but yes, @Atom is completely right.
  3. Setting attributes using VEX

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to give a value to an attribute of a line connected to an attribute vop sop. I know I can give a value to the global variables like P, N, Cd etc. but what if I want to give a value to something like the direction of the line ( dirx, diry, dirz ) using vex. I can access these attributes easily using ch() but setting the values is not as simple as dirx = 1;
  4. Moving objects using VEX

    Thanks, the solver sop worked great. I changed the vex code as well. f@random = random(@Frame); @random = rint(fit01(@random, 0, 6)); if (@random == 0){ @P[0] += 0.1; } else if (@random == 1){ @P[1] += 0.1; } else if (@random == 2){ @P[2] += 0.1; } else if (@random == 3){ @P[0] -= 0.1; } else if (@random == 4){ @P[1] -= 0.1; } else { @P[2] -= 0.1; } randomxyz.mov
  5. Moving objects using VEX

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to make something similar to this using VEX. For some reason my cube its "jumping" every time it changes direction. (see attached video) Here's the code I wrote so far: f@random = random(@Time); @random = fit01(@random, 0, 3); //moves in X if (@random < 0.5){ @P[0] += (@Frame / 15); } //moves in Y else if (@random > 0.5 & @random < 1.5){ @P[1] += (@Frame / 15); } //moves in Z else{ @P[2] += (@Frame / 15); } I tried doing the same using VOP (see attachment) but I'm getting the same results. randomXYZ.mov
  6. VEX round number

    Awesome, thanks.
  7. VEX round number

    Is there a round() function in vex?
  8. Online VFX: The Art of Destruction (in russian)

    Awesome, when are you guys going to release the English version?
  9. Copying a line

    Really valuable information. I also found this really interesting thread about the copy SOP and axis alignment. LINK - Good to understand whats going on under the hood, still trying to get my head around the PolyFrame SOP.
  10. Copying a line

    It worked great! thanks, Can you explain the logic behind it?
  11. Copying a line

    Hi everyone! I just started learning houdini and I'm trying to copy a line and orient it along the points normals but I can't get it to work. I tried doing the same with a torus instead of a line and it worked fine using the "orient to Z" parameter. The line doesn't have the orient attrib. Any help will be appreciated.