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  1. Haha, I tried everything, but never thought about that easy thing ... stupid me!! Thx worked like a charm!!!
  2. Hi Houdniks, could anybody help me out make the grid lines in the network editor be default on Houdini launch? Couldn't find anything about it so far... Thanks in advance
  3. Hey, thanks so much! I'll get through everything!
  4. Hi folks, I face a challenge to setup my underlying curves to skin my in the correct way. The biggest issue I have is to sort all the points in the correct order - I think to do this via a helper curve should do the trick, but I can't find the solution So any help would be appreciated!!! The end result should look like a stadium roof... Thanks so much! Cheers Dominik
  5. Hi Noobini, you are right, I tested with 378 and do not have the resticking behaviour. But what is bothering me is, that I should get at least a very similar destruction like in the video at 0:15 (in my case with just one explosion), but the structure has to collapse. I can't of course post a screencap of the orginal tutorial... So any ideas regarding that issue? Thx Dominik
  6. Maybe I should really attach a scene file - so here it is.. houseDestruct_v004.zip
  7. Hi folks, I am following Steven Knipping's tutorial Rigids II and have some behaviour here which I do not understand and can't solve somehow... You'll see the issue in the attached gif (some of the cluster in the upper part of the hole) I have basically the same settings as in his videos, but it seems that somehow the constraints are going to stick together after they are broken. At least they should break because of the metaball force (which I am using) and the corresponding huge hole inside the building and everything should collapse and not stay like in the gif. First I thought the "Overwrite with SOP" parameter on the constraint network would be the issue (which I then changed to $SF==1), but it didn't help. I am using H16.5.323. Thanks for any ideas and suggestions Cheers Dominik
  8. Ah - found that if you just create a new one, it sorts the others automatically - and after that you just delete the newly created. Kind of a glitchy workaround but works...
  9. Hi, dows someone know how to sort takes in the take list alphabetically after creation ? Or should I report a feature request? Cheers Dominik
  10. Thanks Noobini, (ch("../tube2/rad1") - ch("../tube2/rad2")) * (-1*ch("dist")) / 10 --- this was my first attempt - I justed missed the height (don't know why I used 10 hehe) And from there I complicated and screwed evrything haha Thx both of you !! Cheers!
  11. Thx Konstantin, as usual the easy way is just in front of me and I refused to take it. I made it too complicate... but anyway, thanks for the vid, I'll try to get the concepts to try to solve my way :-) Cheers!
  12. Hi, I can't get my brain around how to solve this problem. I've got a simple tube with to different radii (lower one is smaller), I grouped its top face and did a first extrude with an inset to get some thickness. Then I extruded downwards with some inset. I am searching for a procedural solution having the inner extrude always being parallel to the outer hull. Can somebody point me into the right direction? See attached image. Thanks & Cheers! Dominik
  13. Thanks, I'll try! edit: got it to work, just by putting a decal node (as you mentioned) in the uvquickshade instead of the v_layered shader. Thx for the pointer
  14. Hi, does anybody know how I would disable texture wrapping in the uvquickshade? I tried modifying the Map Tiling in the v_layered shader inside of the node, but no success. Thanks for some pointers! Cheers Dominik
  15. You are right. With 16.0.633 I get your behaviour...I had a look to the changelog ... Seems that they changed/fixed some things... thx for pointing !
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