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  1. Thank you, that's what I need! @Noobini I Should have clarify, thank you! @djiki
  2. Thanks for reply. I need to model an environment based on a reference image which is 1080HD, and then render out a single frame as 4K to use as background layer to comp and match with that reference image sequence as foreground. No camera tracking is allowed...I know, it is hard to believe... therefore I have to render out a bigger size of image for comp.
  3. Hi, I load in an image as background. By default it is automatically zoomed and placed In my viewport. Is there a way to set it half size relative to my camera resolution? For example, I need my cam res to be 1080 HD and my background image to be 960x540. thx.
  4. All right, I will try boolean. Thank you.
  5. I want to randomly split each face of a box and then extrude for a more interesting look. I did it in a for-each loop and everything goes well. Then I tried to shatter this geo for RBD but fracture didn't work. Any advice on this? Thanks. random split.hipnc
  6. missile trail simulation/rendering

    I am not sure about the particle way, but if you are switching to pyro, you can use multiple containers along the missile path and trail SOP to help with the substeps.