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  1. Delete part of Volume Cache

    brilliant Petr, works like charm!
  2. Need help on Tornado simulation

    Hi guys, I'm also working on the tornado simulation. I'll share with you my setup below. I have one question too. I would like to achieve an explosion effects like the twister in the movie Into the wood. I'm stucking on this one for awhile. Could somebody jump in and shed me some light? Thank you very much. intoTheWoodTwister.mov Tornado_v2_3_discord.hip xoay.obj
  3. Ice growth effects

    yeah I have that new set up too. But I'm only at day 2 Joy of Vex, so it is difficult for me to customize the look. Thank you for the suggestion. I'll give it a try. Cheers!
  4. Ice growth effects

    Hi guys, I am back with some ice issues again :((. Basically I would like to replicate this: https://youtu.be/QVijodeE_b0?t=84 (1m24 to 1m27). I got the hip from Ben Watt and modified it a bit, in the attribute vop inside the solver sop I plug in some noise to drive the growth effect and It turns out as I desired. But I am stuck in creating the ice spikes, like in the reference. Could somebody take a look in the hip file attached above, and provide me some hint please? Thank you very much. bwd_qt01_LM.hip
  5. Reflect other object's shadows

    Hi LaidlawFX, Thank you for a warm welcome. I am surprised that you got exactly my first name. Ha ha. Thank you for replying my post. About the issue, I found out the problem. My light is not strong enough, to cast a clear shadow on the shadow catcher. I also assume the shadow wrong. And all the time, I was looking to create a shadow where it doesn't have to be. Silly me. Thank you again.
  6. Hello magicians, This is my first post here. I am having an issue with rendering in Houdini using Mantra. I hope you could shed my some light on this. I have been stuck for days. Basically, I have a scene contains 3 spheres, chrome, metal and glass materials and a plane to catch shadow. I'd like to render out the chrome sphere, that has the shadow itself as well as the others two sphere reflections and shadows. I have no success so far in getting the shadows of two remaining sphere reflected on the chrome surface. I would be grateful if you can look into my hip and have some suggestions. Thank you very much. Cheers! 3dComp_v1.hip