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  1. Points > sort sop > Add sop > convert curve to nurbs Rob
  2. Changing displacement in Mantra Surface

    Do you need it to specifically work within the default mantra shader ? . Funny enough Im working on a HOT job at the moment .Ive bulit an example of HOT just in a pure displacement form at the moment if it will help your understanding I might be able to throw it your way. Rob East
  3. Hey Matt, Very interesting stuff. Were you on Dan B's cloud team at Dr D. I was always very interested in the set up you guys were using. Rob
  4. Introducing Orbolt™ Smart 3D Assets

    Andrew I'm with you !. I weighed in on the H12 beta about it, It also shifts development of new tools and fixes to the open market instead of sidefx doing it, it gets outsourced. I do agree though that the exchange was poor and Houdini is sorely in need of a boost in terms of things like shaders and maybe this will drive some innovation. And to counter the "Are they selling my stuff" claim people should just upload a free version of there own workflow. I just hope these tools all follow the nice neat " houdini" way of doing things. Rob
  5. update fur density map

    Hi, Its a problem SESI are looking at fixing, until then you need to make a new version of your map for it to be displayed correctly in the GUI . Painful I know. R
  6. one fur for multiple objects?

    Keeping with the fur theme and multiple objects. Is it possible to put fur grooms on point instanced procedurals ? rob
  7. Pz pass and pixel filter

    The beauty is pre multiplied If you divide by alpha in Nuke the pz pass should be correct. r
  8. export occlusion per light

    Do you have the example to hand yet ? r
  9. Brush Pile Challenge

    I wonder if some adaption of the poor mans circle packing techniques could be of use. http://www.preset.de/2008/0219/ rob
  10. export occlusion per light

    Hi, For a long time I have been under the belief that you cannot export the occlusion generated from an environment light.As exporting only works when the occlusion is calculated via a surface shader.If things have changed with this I would be interested in seeing a working example. Rob
  11. Multi channel PC write VOP ?

    Serg > Thanks for the share. Rob
  12. Multi channel PC write VOP ?

    Does Anyone happen to have a Multi channel PC write VOP they would care to share ?. Currently the one that comes with Houdini holds only 2 channels.Having a lot more would be more useful Kind regards Rob
  13. Hi, I also run a mac and cannot say I have had any problems what at all with compiling or reading the dso's/otl files. In your houdini.env file all you need is the path to the compiled version of the hot toolkit. ie HOUDINI_PATH=/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Houdini_Mprojects/hotbin_osx_H11.0.770_1.0rc9;&; There is never any need to manually move any file at all. I have a compiled .770 to hand ( see attached) its the latest I am currently using. Rob hotbin_osx_H11.0.770_1.0rc9.zip
  14. hotbin_osx_H11.0.758_1.0rc9.zip Compiled from the source code. rob hotbin_osx_H11.0.758_1.0rc9.zip
  15. Hi Tomas, Thanks for the answer I had a lead from someone else also.To push it further forward I decided to wrap it up in a multi param block list . It works to a certain extent ie But for each generation from the block list the # of each param does not evaluate. any ideas ? Rob