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  1. Marcel Christ Color Burst RnD

    Hey guys, So I saw this series of photographs by an artist called Marcel Christ and wanted to produce a similar effect. Here is a reference image: I have been trying for the past few nights and wasn't able to get anywhere close to this look. There is a lot of detail once the smoke leaves the source and I wasn't able to replicate that. Is it a matter of having a lot higher resolution? Here is a render of what I have now: Current file: 0018_od.hip Also there is a test on Vimeo by Jeong Yeon Son that looks great: I don't get how to produce so much density from these seemingly small sources (the density seems to increase after it left the source..) I'm going to continue working on this and try different things, if anyone can take a look at my current file or has an idea I would love to hear it! Cheers H H X
  2. Wire Solver Curved Line to Straight Line

    I got what I wanted by setting Angular Spring Constant to 0 and adding a little bit under Angular Damping Constant to calm the craziness.
  3. Hey guys quick question: Does anyone know how to get a 'straight' wire from a wire sim when my input object is not straight? Example from the attached image: PIN1 constraints a straight line and PIN2 constraints a bent line, when the sim runs you can see that the input geo shape affects the solved geo. I would like the curved input to behave like the straight one. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I'm having a weird problem where my scene renders properly in Houdini, but when I save an IFD with Mantra and renders on the farm, the shaders doesn't show up (all gray).. Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue? Thanks! I probably won't be able to share the file.. Here is a snippet of errors I get when I render the IFD locally:
  5. It works now, I haven't investigated further but there seem to be two types of constant shaders? I applied the other one and it's good now.
  6. Hey guys, I'm having an issue where the Alpha displays properly in the viewport but doesn't work when rendered. I've done this before, just a simple Constant shader, and it always worked. Here is what it looks like in viewport vs render: I looked at other threads and none of the solutions work in this scene. Here is the scene file: 0007_odforce.hip Thanks!
  7. POP Group Center

    Got it. Gonna use this now, thanks a lot dude!
  8. POP Group Center

    Hey thanks for the file David! Haven't even crossed my mind to bring it into a SOP Solver. Would have liked to have access to the average position attribute for use with the POP Solver, but this will work for what I need. Btw I tried to see if I can replace your "detail_avg_pos" wrangle with two attribpromote, but it doesn't seem to work. Do you have any idea why? Thanks again, much appreciated pop_avg_p_002.hip
  9. POP Group Center

    Hey guys, Hopefully this is a quick one. I was wondering how I could find the average position of a group of particles (and store the position as an attribute on the particles in that group)? Say I have two groups, A and B, and I want to find the average position of the particles in group A and create a force on the particles in group B to go towards that point (center of A), and at the same time have all the particles in group A move towards center of B. POP Group A -> Center of POP Group B POP Group B -> Center of POP Group A Thanks
  10. Grown Structures

    The video you linked to was origianlly posted by deskriptiv (http://www.deskriptiv.de/) a couple of years ago. If you like that video do take a look at their work! I believe that Christoph Bader (one of the co-founders of deskriptiv) was a member of ODForce. It seems that they used to use Houdini for their work.
  11. Diagrid

    Thanks for the input! Here are some reference images: Preferably the setup should be able to generate the structure as well as additional elements such as window panes, clips etc. And in the end the original surface will be animated. For now I'll try the dissolve method and see if I can get what I need.
  12. Diagrid

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight as to a good way to generate a diagrid structure on a surface in Houdini? There are lots of examples of grasshopper definitions online but I wasn't able to find anything for Houdini. Thanks!
  13. Differential curve growth

    You guys are seriously great. Reminds me of this attempt by Simon Holmedal not long ago:
  14. Differential Growth

    Awesome thanks a lot!
  15. Differential Growth

    Hey all! New Houdini user here, started learning a bit over 2 months ago. I just finished Shawn Lipowski's VEX in Houdini course, and feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the materials covered. I have always been fascinated by the works of people such as Christoph Bader (deskriptiv), and I want to start practicing what I have learned so far by reproducing similar works. So here is one of the first effects I want to recreate (floraform by Nervous System): I'm doing research on my own right now, but I would really appreciate any help I can get Any hints as to how I might achieve this effect? Thanks!