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  1. Smoke Man Effect

    Now everything works fine, thanks again!
  2. Smoke Man Effect

    Thanks, that fixed my problem! It was literally one of the things I did not suspect to cause the problem . But I'm still wondering a little.. I recreated the scene and on this scene the noise was also turned on, but I didn't get the issue I had before.
  3. Smoke Man Effect

    Hey everyone, I'm still kinda new to Houdini and right now I'm trying to get a similar effect like it is shown in this video https://vimeo.com/110820797. I used one of the animated characters in Houdini and put the 'Billowy Smoke' "onto" it. The effect works, but I still have some issues which I can't solve by myself. At around frame 45 the smoke man is not displayed completely anymore. The legs kind of disappear. To check this issues, I also took a sphere as the smoke emitter and I noticed that the sphere already was not fully displayed in frame 1. You'll see the issues on my screenshots. I have really no clue what's causing this and therefore I hope some of you can help me solving this. Thanks in advance, r4ZR smoke.hip