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  1. Sop solver in Dopnet

    Hi, I'm studying houdini and setting up some destrudtion scene. At first, made two objects (one is deforming and another is static) in SOP, and then try to change active status using sop solver in DOP. However whenever using a sop solver, It recalls first attached object in bullet solver unconditionally. I drag and droped Geomerty name of second object which is in geometry spreadsheet to Data name field, but It didn't work. How can I bring object what I want in SOP solver?
  2. Question about POP advect node

    I really appreciate that. It's works!!
  3. Hi, Guys~ I'm studying POP network using tutorial. The tutorial used old-pop ,but I want to make same result in new-pop(?). Here I attached hip file. Maybe I think POP advect node is a problem, however I couldn't figure it out. If I use a old pop, It works. What's the problem? Thank you. ex_volume2.hipnc