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  1. Laptop for Houdini

    Hi all, anyone here could share experiences with the last macbook pro? (16gb ram 6920HQ) Do you recommend mac to work with Houdini and Mantra?
  2. Laptop for Houdini

    ok, after more research seems like the dell precision 5520 is a really good option, it features xeon, 32gb, m2 512 gb, and igzo display. I dont know anything about the cooling system..
  3. Laptop for Houdini

    Seems like the dell precision is the best choice (didnt check yet msi and asus). Do you think there is a bit gap between a laptop like that and a normal pc tower with a cpu like i7 7700k? Im not sure if a laptop is powerful enough, and maybe when rendering it gets very hot and then laptop dead... any experience?
  4. Laptop for Houdini

    Hi, I would like to know if a laptop is capable to make things in Houdini. Something like the last macbook pro or the dell xps 15". Im not looking for super 4k stuff, just 1080p and not too complex work, but ALL kind of jobs like fluids, pyro, rbd etc... also rendering in mantra/arnold. thanks!