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  1. Sand Grain Interaction Help Needed

    Hey folks, Hope all is well. Working on a close-up shot, Where a snake penetrates through some sand. I like to achieve a gentle and realistic interaction between the two objects, Effects of sand rolling on the snake and each other is desired too of course. However I'm clueless of how this possibly could be achieved. Please check the attached scene below. , Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated. grain_init.hipnc
  2. Rigging and Corrective Shapes

    Absolutely, What impresses me is that Houdini's had this feature built in while a similar solution had to be coded in Maya!
  3. Rigging and Corrective Shapes

    Thank you so so so much Michael. Using the -d flag was the key to solving this issue. I tried the method, and it really worked!!! Here's the command used to solve it: opcd /obj/tube_object1/ sopcreateedit -d diff deform edit Beautiful
  4. Hello guys, I know that this question's been asked before (similar). Can anyone guide me how it's possible to setup a corrective shape workflow so the corrections happens before capture deformation? Problem with Post-Deformation corrective shapes is that they work well as long as the character hasn't changed orientation, Say the global rotation of the character. Try that and the corrective shapes simply break down. So one solid and proven solution would be extracting the corrective shapes ,So they can be fed into a "Blendshape SOP" before the "CaptureGeometry SOP" does its thing. (Equivalent Maya tools: Extract Delta, cvShapeInverter, etc...) Has anyone figured a way around this problem? Thanks in advance - Ramteen
  5. corrective blend shape

    All the methods above work well as long as the character's orientation stays intact. Try to rotate the global transformation node of a rig and see that the sculpt or edit node break down, And I suppose that happens because they deal with normals of the geometry. I wonder how a Pre-Deformation blendshape extraction could be implemented in Houdini!
  6. snapping point to a Null

    Try using primitive spheres instead of null, works well.
  7. Skin Slide Deformer

    Hello folks Any ideas how something like this could be achieved preferably with point vops? Thanks a ton
  8. Hello folks I'm on my journey of switching from Maya to Houdini as a character rigging animation artist. I'v found it very facinating so far. I hope with your help I can find workout a few problems which I need to deal with at the moment. 1. Is there a way in houdini to tranform an object using 3 vectors at scene level (not at SOP level using Vex, Etc...) 2. Is there a way to control the effect of a Finite Element simulation by a weight map so the geometry stays intact in some parts? 3. How can I make a cloth simulation stick and slide on a colider so to be used as realistic skin effect? Any hints or tips or alternatives whould be greatly appreciated. Cheers -Ramteen
  9. Hello there, newbie here. I made a tube and 3 bones and Captured the tube using the toolbar bottoms. Problem is when I rotate the bones the geometry doesn't cook / update in the viewport. however when I dive intro the tube geometry and bypass/activate the "Deform" node it reflects the bones new pose! Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug in Houdini? I'm using Houdini 15 btw. Any help or hint would be much appreciated. thanks - Ramteen