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  1. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    Just to make this clear: Manu & I (Entagma) are not planning on changing the content we're creating nor our format. Rest assured there will be VEX tutorials. Also if you feel you need an extra dose of VEX - we're just currently running a VEX only course on our Patreon Cheers, Mo
  2. MOPs: Motion Graphics Operators for Houdini

    That's a nice rendering, DaJuice! Thanks for the compliments - guess at some point we'll have to do some T-Shirts
  3. MOPs FX

    Quite nice examples man! The tank threads wouldn't have come to my mind - great idea! Cheers, Mo
  4. Educational/Inspirational Internet Places

    Heyhey, one resource I find extremely helpful is Matt Estela's CGWiki: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini Cheers, Mo
  5. KS_Feather

    Very very nice!!!! Thanks so much for sharing! Cheers, Mo
  6. Entagma : Shortest path

    Hi Korben, when you highlight the shortest path SOP you'll see the full curves. -those have constant point numbers. The carve-SOP is just there to easily animate the growth of the paths. So if you nee a curve with fixed point numbers just use the shortest path SOP's output. Cheers, Mo
  7. Kernel (convolution matrix)

    This would be a solution using VEX in a point wrangle... Cheers, Mo quick_kernel_04.hipnc
  8. Kernel (convolution matrix)

    Hey Matt, PCFind orders the points it returns by distance. As in that example we're searching through a grid with identical distances, I guess in the end it comes down to numerical errors (aka randomness) in which order the points will be returned. There are several ways to write a "proper" kernel, my approach would be VEX in a pointwrangle. However there is this quite stupid hack which allows you to abuse volume convolve in order to do kernel operations on a 2D plane... Cheers Mo Quick_Dirty_kernel_Hack.hipnc
  9. compare attributes in VEX

    Hi Charles, one straightforward way would be to hook up one geo to the first input slot of your attribwrangle/pointwrangle, the other geo to the second one. Then perform a closest point search on the geo coming in through the second input only. After that you'd have to "copy" the found points into the first geo and use them to create the polylines: float searchradius = 0.15; int maxpoints = 5; int points[]; points = pcfind(1, "P", @P, 2*searchradius, maxpoints); foreach(int ptj; points) { int prim = addprim(geoself(), "polyline"); vector newpos = point(1, "P", ptj); int newpt = addpoint(geoself(), newpos); addvertex(geoself(), prim, @ptnum); addvertex(geoself(), prim, newpt); } Hope that helps, Cheers, Moritz
  10. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    Yes please!
  11. Entagma.com

    Hey Guys, Manuel and I have launched www.entagma.com It is a (growing) collection of things that we'd like to have known when we started diving into advanced CG. Currently we host some Cinema 4D resources as well as introductory tutorials to Houdini. If you have any suggestions or feedback about content or form - please don't hesitate to let us know. Tahnks & Cheers, Mo
  12. Hey guys, after doing some setups in Houdini (rather new at it) I'm trying to basically "add" points into a given mesh by scattering them onto the mesh. What I'd like to do is remesh that old mesh into a new mesh which contains the newly scattered points as polygon vertices. How would I do that? Is there a SOP that divides a mesh at a given point position? Cheers & Thanks, Mo