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  1. Grow along specified paths

    Sorry, wrong file attached previously, this is the correct file Hexagonal Growth.hip
  2. Grow along specified paths

    Thanks for the tips @Farmfield and @Sean-R I've attached a .hipnc showing how far I've got at this moment, along with the accompanying .abc mesh file I'm trying to source an individual point from the piston mesh to behave as the source point that Ben Watts defines with 'f@init = 1;', which seems to work, but I can't get the solver to correctly look outwards on a per frame basis. The point growth works at frame 1, but then does not spread out further Another issue which I'll eventually need to solve is getting the solver to grow hexagonally, rather than just randomly through the given points. I'm thinking I might be able to achieve this by only letting each point have three connections, but that's a problem for another time mesh growth_V1.hipnc.hip new piston file.ABC
  3. Grow along specified paths

    Hi there, I'm relatively new to Houdini, but not new to 3d I'm trying to recreate the effect seen here (from 0:40 onwards) where the mesh grows along a set hexagonal path: I've followed Ben Watts' quick tip on Growth Propagation, but was wondering how I'd now get the points to grow along hexagonal paths, instead of just searching with an outwards radius value? Many thanks!
  4. FLIP Fluid along curve with POP Curve Force

    I'm trying to achieve a similar effect for a personal project Did you ever get anywhere with this?
  5. Thanks Mine, worked perfectly!
  6. I'm a Houdini beginner, so apologies if this is a bit of a simple question I've created a curve at obj level, that I want to follow the path of a pipe geometry My plan is to then use this curve as a popcurveforce to drive particle velocity, pulling the particles up the pipe My problem is that the curve will appear to be linear in the SOP geometry, but when I point my popcurveforce at the same SOP, it appears as a bezier curve in my autodop network I've attached my .hipnc file, I'm working in Houdini Apprentice 15 If anyone can provide some wisdom it'd be much appreciated! Thanks! oil pump.hipnc
  7. Intro to RBD tutorials?

    Thanks for the link Matt! Once I've got a grasp on FLIP Fluids I want to turn my attention to Rigid Body Dynamics, so these will be a great help!
  8. Waterfall questions with adding Whitewater

    To build on what jrockstad said, if following along with that tutorial, you will run into the problem of not being able to create a legacy pop solver To solve this, set the Operator Type Manager to "Display Menu of All Definitions", and you'll then be able to switch to the legacy version