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  1. Please don't cross post as most will vist both Sidefx forums & odforce. Cheers! steven
  2. Maya user to Houdini workflow questions

    Hey Mike, There is another way to "mute" the channel through the timeline itself. With the keyframes displayed in the timeline, click & drag with shift+LMB to select the keyframes you want to disable(mute) and type 'd'. To enable them, type 'e'. To clear the selection, type 'q'. RMB the timeline to see more options. Hope the above helps. Cheers! steven
  3. Dynamic Operator Names in Equations

    Try: ch(opoutputpath(".",0)/rx) Cheers! steven
  4. Maya user to Houdini workflow questions

    Thanks mangi. I didn't know that. Cheers! steven
  5. Maya user to Houdini workflow questions

    Hi there, Welcome to the forum & Houdini. Yes, you have to use the Dope Sheet. To access it, either open a Channel Editor window or add a Channel Editor Pane Tab. In the top left corner, just under the "Channels" menu, you'll see three buttons. Third from the left is the Dope Sheet. To disable/mute the channel, just toggle the checkmark next to the name. You can set up hotkeys for them yourself. Go to Edit > Hotkeys... to bring up the Hotkeys Manager. Click on the Search button, type "update" into the Match Action String parameter and click Find. You should see /Houdini/Update Mode 'Always'/'Changes'/'Never'. Just select any one and you'll see them listed in the Action column of the Hotkeys Manager. Select Update Mode 'Always', click in the blank space beside the drop down arrow, click it again and you'll be prompted to press the key you want. If you choose a hotkey that's already in use, you will be prompted. Repeat for the other modes. With regards to middle-mouse on the timeline, it works in Houdini too though maybe not exactly the same as Maya. If you select a node or nodes with keyframes, you'll get ticks on the timeline. Middle-mouse clicking on the timeline will hold the value(s) so you can set a new keyframe with the same value. Note, it will only hold the value of the channel(s) that's scoped (loaded in Channel Editor or timeline). This middle-mouse technique works in the Channel Editor too. Are you referring to objects or polygons/points? From what you typed, it sounds like polys/points. After making your selection in the viewport, there is a "Visibility" drop down menu to hide or show your selection. There is also "Show All". This option will create Visibility SOPs in your network but you can just delete them after. What Mr Lewkiw said above. Hope the above helps in your transistion to this "pretty bad-ass program". Cheers! steven
  6. 2-3 million particles and not rendering!

    The Render POP parameters are available in the Primitive SOP's Particles tab. Cheers! steven

    Please try not to double post. Many users visit both SESI forum & odforce. Please provide the solution link over at SESI forum so others know it's been solved. Cheers! steven
  8. Text SOP to constrain then dissolve into smoke

    Think this should help: eetu's lab Cheers! steven

    Hi, For volumetric lighting, you can use volumes which renders reasonably fast and you have control over the quality through the Volume Step Size of mantra ROP. I referenced one of the images in the collage you posted. Cheers! steven volumetricLighting.zip
  10. Sprite Display Size

    Hi, I was messing with sprites recently and noticed the display of sprites are affected by pscale but for display only. I believe having pscale and using it for scale in the Sprite SHOP is having a multiplier effect on the display. Try to not have pscale and set the values in the Scale parameter instead and see if that works correctly. Cheers! steven
  11. shadows / deep map vs raytrace

    Here's something fun: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/rendering/deepshadowmaps Cheers! steven
  12. Particle Fluid Collisions

    Your egg shells are not closed for the SDF generation so the particle fluid sees the egg shells objects as a "ball". Turn on "Show Collision Guide Geometry" under the Collisions > Volume tab of the egg1 Static Object DOP and you will know what I mean. Before you turn it on, I advise you to lower the number of divisions first as the settings you have makes the generation really really slow. Cheers! steven
  13. In the attached hip file by mawi, either keyframe or use an expression, for example, $FF < 3, in the Activation parameter of the sphere_object1_source DOP. This will set the sphere_object1 DOP object as a source for only one frame or in other words, set the Source Relationship for one frame then turn it off. Cheers! steven
  14. how import all RBD objects from dops

    Without seeing your hip file, it's difficult to tell but make sure you turn off Display flags of Import SOPs, DOPnets etc. Else, open the Performance Monitor and see what's causing the cooking. Cheers! steven
  15. Two sticky mud balls - Personal project

    Cool stuff. Nice breakdown video too. Cheers! steven