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  1. Mantra Render to Disk Stops Randomly

    I have the same issue here, my scene just stops randomly to render and does not proceed with the mantra checkpoint file. So i hope to find some solution aswell here!
  2. Hello guys! Can anyone help me out here with a question about alembic export between Maya and Houdini? Can Houdini import and read alembic file from Maya object that has material ID and export it back again to Maya and still keeps the material ID? I have a scene where I have added 4 material IDs to different meshes in Maya and wish to use them as alembic instance object in POP in houdini and export it back again and yet keeps the material ID. Problem is that I cant see any ID attributes when I import the .abc file, it only reads P and UV attributes, but in Maya the attribute exists. anyone who can help me here? Easy explain: Maya mesh --> Material ID --> export ABC. --> import in Houdini --> instance object in POP --> export ROP ABC. --> import in Maya --> POP with materialID Thanks in advance !