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  1. Hi there I cannot find or think of a way to get a vector like the one illustrated in the screenshot attached. The PolyExtrude node has a mode setting called "Primitive/Edge Normal" that extrudes the edges in the direction of the blue arrow I've drawn. Does anyone know how to get that as a vector? Other than doing a closes point from the original edge to the extrusion... Which I fear could get messy in the HDA. Is the Primitive/Edge normal easy to get or calculate with VEX? Thanks!
  2. Multiple Game Characters Capture

    Hi! I am modeling a large number of characters for a game production and have to skin/bind them all to an identical skeleton. Each character is then exported as its own file. Is there a way to procedural or with some automation capture geometry to bones in houdini? So far the import, export to the game engine works, which is further than I got with Blender. I come from a Maya background would love to keep it between blender and houdini. Watched a few videos and so far I am still a little unsure houdini is the way to go. They all seem to show a quite manual way of capturing the geometry clicking the shelve and selecting root node... so on. Python is quite familiar so I can do scripting to make it happen. thanks
  3. POP inherit point normal from passing a point

    Thanks! This plus a little help from a friend got me the solution. Needed a SOP solver in the DOP, and inside there a wrangle with pciterate worked perfectly.
  4. Hi Odforce. I have POPs moving past a point and I want the stream to inherit and keep the points normal after passing. I thought this would be a straight forward pcopen() case, but I cant get it to keep the normal. It's only there for as long as it is within the search radius. I've tried a few different things in vex. wrapping it in an If statement instead of while, but to no avail. Edit: I should maybe mention that I'm in SOP right after importing from a DOP. Tried to make it work in POP wrangle but had no luck there either. Thanks, Bastian