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  1. RBD unpack sop lost UVs

    Hello guys, I'm setting up a active rbd pieces using rbdconfigure and rbdpack, after the setup even setting to transfer all attributes the UVs get lost.
  2. Pyro Disturbance for high vel

    Thank you so much, I didnt know this technique creating a speed field on pre-solve. Awesome!
  3. Pyro Disturbance for high vel

    Thank you, these are my settings now after your comment, hope that it works better, also I could see that high value on control range not affect initial frames.
  4. Pyro Disturbance for high vel

    Hello, How to increase the disturbance on high velocity source, Im using particles and volume as sources, both with very high velocity, but disturbance only affect after some frames, not on initial simulation frames, I`m using 3 "gas disturbance" microsolvers, 2 controling density fields and 1 controling the velocity.
  5. Hello guys, I'm facing a problem with particle surface sop for Extended Ocean, when particle separation is low, the fluid surface on bounding box apear normally, but when I decrease the particle separation the fluid surface desapear and only some splashes are meshing. When I disable the bounding box the surface mesh apear normally.