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  1. XPopMenu for Houdini

    You can start with GeometrySelection doc with the "geometryType()" method for example ? Let me know !
  2. XPopMenu for Houdini

    Hello @Houdini7, Yes theoretically it's totally possible. You just need to add a conditionnal "if" bracket on specific menu that follow your mode. So the only "hard" part is just to determine in python in which mode we are (point, primitive, etc.) . if (onPointMode) { paramDict = {"uiPath" : demoFolderPath + "getAngle.ui"} mySubMenuTool.addItem("Get Angle", demoFolderPath + "getAngle.py", "getAngle", paramDict) }
  3. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    I really really really wish the ability to override viewport display (I mean "wireframe", "smooth wire shaded", etc) by object like in the tab "Render" with the parameter "Display As" on an object node. Actually the combo "set display options for" with "use" in "Display Options" is not suitable when we need to maintain a set of objects in a specific display mode whatever viewport shading is set.
  4. Disconnect from Edges

    I notice that "Cut Boundary Points" option really disconnect components (cf. right side)
  5. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Noobini ! Yes you're right about single edge. I like your solution, effectively it's way much simpler ! I've just enable cut boundary points in my case. Thank you very much for your time !!
  6. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Noobini, thank you ! Actually your method give the best result (If I know that one day I need to use a boolean to disconnect edges.. ) ! But it does not work well in all cases (cf. scene and sreenshot). disconnectEdges_03.hiplc
  7. Disconnect from Edges

    Ok, I think I got it : First I have a group of edges that I want to disconnect Group promote : Convert this group from edge to point Fuse -> Unique : use this group of points to make them unique Connectivity : make an attribute by primitive connected pieces for each + Fuse : use this attribute to iterate an use Fuse to consolidate That it ! not the simplest way but it works ! If anyone have a simple method, I'll be happy to know. Thank you for your time Sepu !
  8. Disconnect from Edges

    No problem, I'm probably not clear enough. As you can see, all edges are blue = unshared/double (in particular the ones on the center bottom part), so if made an ployextrude inset on all, its treat each as faces as individual. Do you see what I mean ?
  9. Disconnect from Edges

    Hi Sepu, thank you but as I said in my first post I already do that but it make unique too much edges (cf. screenshot)
  10. Disconnect from Edges

    Hello, How can I disconnect primitive from my edges selection. In other words, how can I make my edges selection unshared ? I've already try to use "unique" from fuse sop but as this sop need points selection, it's make more unshared edges that I want (cf. hip and screenshot). Thank you. disconnectEdges_01.hiplc
  11. 16.5 drums

    I can confirm you that my cursor is over viewport so I don't understand, WHY MEEEEE !!! (I do exact same on H16 and it works)
  12. 16.5 drums

    Ok, I'm jalous or perhaps I've made a mistake.. On a new scene I create a cube, move some points and now if I hit 1 it doesn't do anything.. (It will normaly go in object mode) cf. screenshot
  13. 16.5 drums

    On my side, I notice that when I am in point selection mode, If I hit "1" it didn't go back in object mode like in v16. Do you notice same behavior ?
  14. 16.5 drums

    About S lag : I notice your lag but it just affect the display of the tool activation because in use it seems pretty reactive, as well as "alt" (just test in a really simple scene).
  15. HDA : UV Cubic

    Hello, I've updated the asset to v1.3 : - add the possibility to set the name of UV (cf. "UV Name" parameter) - quick preview also work if uv name is not "uv", ex : like "uv2" or "my_fantastic_uv" - simplify creation of hda (no more need to click or press "enter" to validate a selection)