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  1. Round the value in the font node

    # Multiline version V concrete - `{ d = int(ch("decimals")); v = detail("../volume", "volume", 0); string whole = ftoa( int(v) ); string fract = ftoa( rint(v % int(v) * pow(10,d)) ); return whole + "." + fract; }` m3 fund_decimals1.hipnc
  2. Round the value in the font node

    thanks, it helped a lot, now everything works for me concrete - `{ float val = detail("../volume", "volume", 0); string whole = ftoa(int(val)); string fract = ftoa(frac(val)); fract = substr(fract, 2, 1); return whole + "." + fract; }` m3 fund1.hip
  3. Round the value in the font node

    This is the foundation for the house, at this stage calculate the volume. Transmitted to the text. There it is necessary to delete unnecessary figures. fund.hip
  4. Make a loop for a few primitives.

    the diagram is constructed, but for the procedural process I would like to make this block in a loop desk_22.hip
  5. Make a loop for a few primitives.

    "This is necessary for the calculation of internal power in the construction of the roof of the building. (Maxwell-Cremona diagram)" I have several primitives - these are lines. Each next primitive must be placed at the point # 1 of the previous primitive, and so on. I need to automate the process in a loop (and not as I did here - manually ). (The problem is solved correctly if everything closes) desk_21.hip