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  1. Hey all I am working on a shot that needs ink to morph into a Heart then into a Ship. I have the base of the effect , although my last morph is a little quick,need to figure out how to slow the ship morph down a bit. But my main issue is my particle advection isn't working correctly. The particles are inheriting velocities but they are not following the smoke sim correctly. They don't form the desired shape even though the pyro sim is. I have a scene attached if anyone could help it would be appreciated. Kraken_MAIN_Ink_Effect_09.hip Ship_Mod_v01.obj Heart_Mod_v01.obj
  2. RBD's slowly sinking into yoghurt Flip Sim

    Hey Guys Thanks alot for the replies. Its greatly appreciated Ryan thanks for the scene, I think my scene has something funky going on. I like the the idea of a velocity field pulling them under. Gonna give this a go see what happens. Thanks again guys
  3. Hey everyone. Hope you guys are well. I need some help with a shot I am working on. Basic idea is i need to have bits of strawberry to fall into swirling yoghurt,hit the surface,swirl around and slowly get pulled under the surface. I've got the swirling yoghurt working but when I drop my RBDs into the container they plow right through the flip sim. I've tried tinkering with the Feedback scale,Density and so on but nothing works for me. If anyone of you Wizards can have a look and shed some light on what I am doing wrong it would be greatly appreciated I have a scene attached Swirl_03.hip and my swirl force source geo FOR_OD.rar Thanks again Cheers Dimitri Swirl_03.hip
  4. Object dissolve in water

    Hey all I am try to create the effect of a object dissolving in water. Basically the shot is of a cube of beef stock slowly dissolving in water. see attached ref I haven't started the project yet still in quoting process but I thought I would bounce some ideas around with some of the cool cats on Odforce. Off the bat I was thinking it maybe a case of using the new POPGrains to make up the stock cube and using Pyro to transfer velocities to the said Grains to break it up causing it to dissolve. Thought the grains might work nicely cause I like to get it to break up into clumps and the clumps to break up further as they move away. Anyone got some ideas for alternate ways of getting this effect? Thanks guys