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  1. I am having a few issues with a heavy pyro sim of a rocket flying around a scene. I'm able to get a decent looking sim without clustering but at the resolution I need the sim crashes about 75% way through on a beefy 256GB RAM node. Last night I figured out that you can define the cluster voxel density by the clustering points but I still can't figure out why there seems to be doubling or tripling of density when a new pyro contained is spawned. Below is my working file, it's messy I know so go easy on me :D... Super many thanks in advance, you're saving my life!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3jkt8y6pz66cimh/AAAB-4BF7hfZESZd4VRLC_bTa?dl=0
  2. My ultimate goal is to assign two separate shaders to two fluid sources. I have cold smoke at the top falling and warm smoke flowing up. I want to make the cold smoke emit a blue hue and the warm be something complementary obviously. I'm using octane as my renderer so if there's fancy pants ways to sample voxels from a single volume at render time I cannot do this. I simply would like two pyro simulations to collide in the most efficient fashion as if they're all part of the same simulation but give me the ability to save out two separate VDB caches. Sorry if this is a stupid question!!!