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  1. Hey, for sure. I just wanted to separate my topic from the FLIP fluids. Although Im not sure is this the correct term, but according the Houdini help from "Fluid Solver 2.0 dynamics node" its called "A solver for Sign Distance Field (SDF) liquid simulations." If there is any other more correct term for Navier-Stokes solver, would be great to hear.
  2. Thanks guys. I would love to only use FLIP fluids, but if the task is to pour liquid to the glass, it somewhat seems better when using SDF liquid. I hope someone can prove me wrong though. It has been more difficult to find a documentation related to SDF liquids, no wonder when FLIP solver comes to a round. Yes its ON on the object/render/sampling. I saved the bgeo from the "liquid_interior_import" node, which I presume are particles, but as you can see Houdini is very new to me so Im not too familiar to everything yet. But anyway for me its weird I cant get motion blur work with SDF fluids as it works with other things.
  3. Hello, first post to this great forum which is constantly popping up when Googling Houdini stuff. Im trying to render SDF liquid with Mantra motion blur, but it doesnt seems to work. I create the liquid by using Liquid container and Source from surface shelf tools. If I check the nodes inside of "Liquid import" they have v attribute as they should. Still when turning the motion blur on in Mantra ROP, theres no motion blur in the rendering. I also have tried to export my liquid as a bgeo and then with trail node add velocity following the VDB conversion. Didnt help.