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  1. POP Stepping

    Hi Step, Big thank you! You were absolutely right, I went back to the default on the solver and upped the substeps on the DOP - and it solved it! (sorry for that one haha) I'll remember the difference, very helpful of you!
  2. POP Stepping

    Hi all! I'm currently sitting with some superbasic POP sims to brush up on everything after a long time away from Houdini. My issue is, as the title depicts, that I have problems with stepping even though - to my knowledge - this scene shouldn't suffer from it. I have three spheres as sources, they don't move at all. The top velocity of the particles peak at about 0.9 in the geometry spreadsheet, it travelled about 1.2 meters in 42 frames, so no extremes velocities exactly (or I am just very uninformed and would love to be enlightened!). I tried every combination of birth jitter in the POP Source and found very little difference, the ones displayed below became the final ones. Attaching images of my solver settins, birth settings and a render. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Jack
  3. Continue simulation from a certain frame

    Huge thanks for your time and help, guys! It's truly appreciated!
  4. Continue simulation from a certain frame

    Cool, thanks! Is there any way to convert the sim I've already done into .sim or so I need to re-sim it?
  5. Continue simulation from a certain frame

    Hey haggi, Thanks for your response! I will do just this! Quick follow up question: is .sim preferable to .bgeo.sc? Is it just preference or is there any real difference?
  6. Continue simulation from a certain frame

    I can add that I tried with the DOP setting "Start Frame" at both the start and from where I wanted to continue. When it's from the start it simply "finished" the simulation with the rest of the frames being empty at 2kb each. When it's from the previous frame to continue from what was originally described happened.
  7. Hey guys, I'm doing a pyro sim and had to interrupt the simulation before finishing due to needing the computer for other work. Now I wanted to continue the simulation from a certain frame but I've run into trouble. I duplicated on of my .sc files and made it a .sim (maybe this doesn't work?) And tried to continue but it restarts the pyro (from that frame) and just resumes with the current source being fed into it. What is it that I need to do here? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jack
  8. Dust/Smoke Shockwave

    Hi guys, This is something I've been looking around at for awhile, checking different solutions and testing them out. But I just wanted to check what you guys find to be the most effective way to create a shockwave from f.e. an explosion. Any and all ways are welcome, I'd just like to know what you find works best for you. Cheers, Jack
  9. Involuntary Transparency on HDA's

    Hi Mike, Sorry for the super late answer, completely missed I got an answer. Here's the HDA and an image of the issue (and it's happening on all HDA's, not just this one specifically). Thanks! invisibleWall_HDA.zip
  10. Curve Based Procedural Railway

    Since I've already got this going I figure I might ask about the next issue that popped up! I used the same curves and a skin for base for he planks under the actual rails. It works fine except for when bending the curve since the facet -> primitive that drives them seem to work from a world orientation rather than per normal and therefore the planks melt together when the curve bends 90 degrees. Also, if any of you know of any good sources to learn about procedural modeling then I'd love to know about them. Thanks again!
  11. Involuntary Transparency on HDA's

    Hi guys, I'm trying to learn how to make HDA's for games and specifically UE4 right now. I've made some simple assets with a varied level of success, but they've all had the same issue in common. All the assets I bring in have either a lower transparency on the surface closest to the camera/player (objects with thickness) or is being clipped in half from the point of view as if the near clipping plane is super high ( open objects without thickness f.e. a tube). Any help on getting to the bottom of this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jack
  12. Curve Based Procedural Railway

    Thanks, Atom - I had a look at it but the asset is locked and since I wanted to do this mainly as a learning experience that defeats the purpose... Ryuji , that worked great! Huge thanks for the help!
  13. Curve Based Procedural Railway

    Hey guys! I've recently started dabbling a bit in procedural modeling and making tools for creating assets. I just decided that I wanted to make a procedural railway as much from scratch as possible with looking as little as possible at tutorials and such, to test my way forward. But I have run into a problem I feel is slightly too big for me to try and find and the feature is far too important to just leave flawed. When I draw out the curve that is supposed to be the guideline for the railway I just figured I'd have a transform&merge to offset the other one, not thinking of the very obvious problem that this won't work if the railway starts bending. Any suggestions on what I could do? Thanks and have a great weekend! Jack
  14. Pump not working

    It was working fine until the crash! So I'm guessing that would be the villain in this scenario. I was not aware that I was supposed to lock any files before submitting them - if you tell me how I'll get right on it! Thanks
  15. Pump not working

    That worked perfectly, Lewkiw - thanks! Did not fix the broken pump though... But I'll remember that string of code, might save me some other day!