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  1. On Growth and Form

    Awesome thread! Loooove it!!! Beautifully executed!!
  2. Trying to understand how this lava after was done

    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but that last part, about driving discp with my temp attrib, how the hell do I merge the two attribs together so that it affects both disp and emitcolor? Right now I have a surface cache node in the particle_fluid geometry node which feeds into to different nodes (color1 which is just a rampcolor from an attrib = temp) and I pass that out to attrib rename and rename it from Cd to emitcolor and put that into an attribcopy together with the surface cache (this is the lava shelf tool of setting things up in H15). How do I create infinite attributes affected by temp which all feed into my null at the end (drive basecolor with temp, displace amount with temp etc)?
  3. white water rendering question

    Did you ever resolve this?