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  1. Crash H17.5 w/signal 11 - Linux

    Hey Mike, can u point me as to where to find that driver (i need open cl 1.2)? the nvidia website sends me on a wild goose chase ive run clinfo and its looks like everything is fine, but im also getting the same crash as you and would like to try your fix Thanks so much
  2. Cd. Why?

    Diffuse colour
  3. Q for the new boolean node

  4. Q for the new boolean node

    If you look at the geometry spreadsheet of the file node, the Y component is not 0. So fix this by putting @P.y =0; into a wrangle, and treating both Set of inputs as Surface not Solid from the drop down menu on the boolean.
  5. moana water

  6. Dart Throwing?

    there is a fantastic example file in the qlib asset library, (distribute ql) i highly recommend checking out their stuff there u can learn a great deal and all nodes have help cards too. absolute gold https://github.com/qLab/qLib https://www.facebook.com/qLibHoudini if one of them reads this: - massive thank you!
  7. CG Short film, WIP

    man im blown away that one person can achieve something like that, super inspiring!
  8. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    Viscosity also grinds my machine to a halt- I look forward to checking out your results!
  9. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    def gonna try that out when i get home from the day job
  10. FEM spheres sticking together? (Lava Lamp)

    awesome setup Johnny, and this might be of interest as well, although not FEM
  11. FLIP smorganic/sheeter effect?

    Thanks for the great examples everyone
  12. Hi there, I have had no issues with Octane/Houdni until now. I am trying to install Arnold. I have saved a bunch of presets over the last few months on different nodes and also set a custom desktop.Now however when I try save a preset I get an error saying “check file permissions”, and houdini also fires up in the default “build” mode not my custom preference. Any idea on how to fix this?My env file reads as follows: PATH = "$PATH;C:/Users/TIM/htoa/htoa-1.12.0_r1769_houdini-15.5.480/htoa-1.12.0_r1769_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin;&;C:/Users/TIM/Documents/houdini15.5/bin;$PATH" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/Users/TIM/htoa/htoa-1.12.0_r1769_houdini-15.5.480/htoa-1.12.0_r1769_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&;C:/Program Files/OTOY/OctaneRender 3.01.1b/octane;&" Any ideas as to what I've done wrong? EDIT: Its the Arnold bit of the text that is messing it up. just deleted it and its works fine. Cant get both render's working at the same time without, messing up houdini..
  13. i have the same error, sorry dont have a solution, just posting to follow the thread..
  14. DEM data to Houdini?

    Wow that looks awesome Atom! Thanks very much! Looking forward to checking out the file!
  15. DEM data to Houdini?

    dunno if anyone found a solution for to this, but this looks promising: https://www.flipswitchingmonkey.com/2015/04/houdini-dealing-with-digital-elevation-model-dem-data/