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  1. FGA Sequence Export....

    FGA Sequence Export.... I am using "GitHub Game Development Toolset" for FGA output. However, the included "rop_vector_field" can output only one frame. I want to know export FGA sequence. For example, how to output from 1f to 100f. Thanks...
  2. How to : volume normal?

    See this (LINK) - Japanese Help is needed. I 've made it is difficult to understand. I use H15. There is no displacement tab (in Pyro Shader). Is there anyone who could reinterpret this information ? A figure similar to the results it is necessary to me. ========== Google Translator =========== If you want to put a finer detail than for the volume, it is attached to some extent at the stage of simulation using, for example, disturbance, when creating something picture that is closer to the smoke , you or quite difficult . The pyro shader and provides the displacement , will be rewarded here to put the information in the Normal, I think that ... should be able to express the finer smoke of shape is displacement to clean , I have tried . First, based on the Normal of geometry we have Sorce in Volume from attribute SOP and set the voxel of the volume. This is poured into a pyro in the dop. Looking at the help of Side fx the color in the Volume from attribute SOP had been set to the volume. It was very helpful. Then connect the gas calculate the input of the sourcing of the pyro in the dop, the field of volume made ​​with sop to the source, create a new field to continue to advection . Connect the gas advect to the input of advection, and the field was made ​​a while ago to go to advection by velocity. And we'll make a volume field and the field for the advection made ​​with sop in the input to sop vector field of the object. Using the field in the pyro shader, adjusted to , rendering . So displacement, is a drawback that the rendering is really become heavier . displacement using the Normal is I seem to get is to some extent limited far from use , but this time , try using the volume from attribute SOP, I felt the more interesting it is likely to be Na depending on the combination .