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  1. Yes, And indeed RS was causing a problem but there was something else aswell. Because after I disabled RS Houdini was still crashing. I got the program to work by deleting all my preference folder in Documents\houdini16.5 and letting houdini reconstruct everything. There must to have been some configuration issue. Thankfully things seems to be solved. Nico.
  2. Nobody else is having this issue on Windows 10? Since 16.5.405 up Houdini just crashes for me on start up. marking some segmentation error. I updated my nvidia drivers and still same issue! Nico.
  3. normal issues after fracture

    Have you set the boolean to detriangulate no polygons?
  4. motion vector pass for Nuke

    @djiki Are you sure about not needing to transform to screen space? I really haven't have the time to test in deep but the test that I made seem to work fine. The original set up from the helpfile did not give me proper results in neither nuke or AE. just FYI. I got my setup form here (Japanese, sorry): http://nomoreretake.net/2016/11/13/houdinivector-blur-pass-to-nuke/ The post is in japanese but the author also got help here at the forums on: And after testing I only flipped the channels as Nuke seems to like it the other way (not really an issue, but more of a lack of implementation into nuke). But my question is sincere... are you sure is not needed the change to screen space? because as I said I haven't have the time to test the set up without the transform but it does make sense to me as if Pblur is in world or camera space the x value will differ from screen right?
  5. Bullet and Flips collisions?

    Thank you @Atom Oh thank you so much. It makes total sense what you say! Like I say it wasn't so much the final result what I was after but at understanding what was going on there, thanks so much! Nico.
  6. Bullet and Flips collisions?

    Hi, Can someone please help me confirm is bullet is compatible or not with flip simulations? I set up a simple packed geo as a static object for a flip simulation. The geometry collision is properly calculated as convex hulls… (image1) But as soon as I run the sim this weird shape appears (image2) It is like if the flip sim automatically converts the collision geo into a weird resampled volume. is this true? Would this mean that the flip solver will automatically convert the packed geo into a volume? Feel free to look at my set up… I simplified the scene to run a test. (the hip file is attached at the bottom) bulletandFlip.hiplc I also added this post in SideFx forums as is driving me crazy trying to figure the solution... I have figured a work around transforming my collision geo into volumes and then just using regular static solver but I would like to have a clear answer about what is going on here...
  7. Hi, I have been researching for a while how to export motion vectors from houdini mantra to nuke... and it wasn't easy.... For starters Nuke seems to swap the R and G values for some reason.... which did not make easy the to troubleshoot And I am still a bit confuse between the diference of camera space and ndc space though I kind of understand why I need to use ndc space. this is what I got so far I hope it helps anyone that uses this. And if by any chance someone knows a better workflow it would be much appreciated. test_MV - Newandimproved.hip
  8. Motion Vector Pass h14

    Hi everyone, I am still trying to figure out how to do a motion vector pass in Houdini Mantra and I am having a hard time making it work in nuke. For starters, I don't understand why is used screen space in the setup instead of camera space. I include herean example. test_MV.hip
  9. motion vector pass

    Ok, made the request feature RFE (ID=84421) Here is How I ask for it:
  10. motion vector pass

    I still can't believe there is not an out of the box motion vector pass... pretty much every other renderer I have used have it. I will make a Feature request, this should definitely be in the to do list in SideFX, or I hope it is....
  11. motion vector pass

    Thank you, this does help. I will try to put it to practice as soon as I can. But I must say I am surprised there is not an out of the box solution for this....after all motion vector are a staple in pretty much all other renderers I have used. Thanks.
  12. Does mantra do not have a motion vector pass? If so how to render it? Every explanation I found on internet is quite old from 2009 I can only hope there are new methods to do this, right? Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Hi guys I recently created a free asset to test shaders in a consistent environment regardless of the scene I am. I am kind of old school and feel a consistent shading testing area is very comfortable to create different shaders. The idea is that no matter what complex scene you are in, you can just bring this asset and then test render shaders on a tri light set up with background and env. light. The asset itself is very flexible. multiple shapes test, and grid or plain background. You can even bring your own object or shader ball into the scene. You can find the asset here: https://www.orbolt.com/asset/Butachan::nh_shadertest::1.0 Please read the instruction as I made the asset object, light camera, and actually everything invisible in the scene so it doesn't really clutter the scene you are working. I also made it open because as it is a render related asset I feel it will need some tweeking here and there to adapt to your needs. Bests, Nico.
  14. I just made this file at work (sorry I don't know if you will be able to open it). But doesn't really use anything unusual. Basically you create an RBD sim and then deactivate the sim at a particular frame. you activate on that same frame and create the FEM object. If you want you also create a switch that changes the model from the RBD object to the FEM object simulation. This may be not the most elegant solution. But the idea is to play with creation and activation frames. Also this system will not transfer velocity or anything to the FEM solver. I am sure that there must me a better way to do this if you need to but like I said it depends on the necessity of you r project. Best, Nico. RBDtoFEM.hip
  15. I'm not infront of Houdini, but inside the DOP network in the object creation node you have a creation frame. you can choose then the creation of the FEM object at a particular frame. Sorry I cannot be of more help.