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  1. Hahaha... thanks man! Nice CC. That was just a test render straight from the viewer, but I appreciate the care for the image.
  2. UPDATE An update on this project... The procedural tool is complete and my first space station is done! Now to blow it up and crash it! Here is a proper presentation of the tool You can also check more details, and some high resolution pics, at my artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/v1X09v -------- I made a tool that can be used to create space station modules for production of VFX. Basically all geo is water tight and easily subdivided and ready for Mari or Substance Painter... I didn't made the textures procedurally because I feel the hand touch in textures would add realism to the objects. The tool is 95% ready I feel but I am in the process of making my first Space Station... here are the samples: HDASample.mp4 And first render test:
  3. simply make a "for each piece" for loop and then in an primitive wrangle write: i@test = @numprim;
  4. Hi Everyone, I "expanded" and changed the solution by Atom and Delda a bit The script now expect you to select the SHOP network node created by the fbx importer. It then creates MAT network at obj level with the same name as the selected SHOP network node and then I use ATOM function to create the redshift shaders inside it. I puposely do not append the 'rs_' to the name of the material so it is easy to replace the original material by simply changing base directory of where the object is searching for the materials. Basically the same materials name will reside in a different container. The reason why I took out the part of the script that appended the new materials to the object was because I thought that as it was written it may have problem with the structure in which my FBX where built. Basically multiple materials adresses inside a single material SOP. Anyway, As @Atom script was very helpful I thought in adding my bit by sharing the adaptation here and hoping the community find it useful also. Nico. fbxMat2RSMat.py
  5. @Atom Man, Thank you very much for this script! I was just about to embark in figuring out how to do this for Kitbash objects in FBX format. This will definetely solve my problems or point me in the right direction. PS: I like the fact that you call 235 lines of codes a "short script" . I am almost fearful to see your heavy ones Nico.
  6. Yep I would have recommended this as well as this way you may not even need to run a for loop. I did a similar setup to create a few instances to render later.
  7. Have you tried renaming them so the order is as you want because as of now color_0* comes before color_299* Wild guessing here... my pc is rendering and don't dare to open Houdini. Nico.
  8. Good luck man! Quite the chutzpah (I am saying it with honest admiration) Nic
  9. Hi everyone, I am sharing this simplified version of a project of mine cause I have an issue that is really baffling me. It's a hair simmulation, just one hair which I am manipulating its pscale through SOP solvers to create some worm like movement, It works completely fine as long as I keep the system with 1 substep, but if I increase the number of substeps it goes ballistic! I have other solvers that really polish the movement of the worm they all work fine, as long as I don't increase the number of substep to more than one. Is like the SOP solver multiplies its effect per substep. I have no idea what could be causing this, worse I don't understand the why and that really bugs me. Any help would be really appreciated. Best, Nicolas. Edit: I believe its the internal collision being multiplied, or calculated in each substep in the SOP solver, but no so such how to address this yet. Edit 2 : to clarify when the behaviour is acceptable. VellumSubstep.hiplc
  10. Hi, Just thought in ask if anyone knows of an external editor with vex and HOM libraries in them. You know to lazily have autofill and nice colors in an external editor (visual studio maybe??) Just kind of hoping that more advanced programmers here will have a better set up than mine
  11. there is a master class... it pretty much solve your question.
  12. Are you still having trouble with this?
  13. Yes I thought about the geo node in cops aswell, but I just assumed you wanted the font through some interesting perspective view. Now that I think about it it is kind of sad this node do not have a camera input. That's why I offered the post script as a solution. Anyway, glad you found your solution Tim
  14. But I guess then the efficiency will depend on how many iterations are we talking about. Things can go out of control easily in Houdini. Can you share an example file of what you are working on? Maybe we get a better picture.
  15. Yep to this. I was going to mention it, but I didn't want to overcomplicate the answer. But yes solver sop is the way to go for things like this.
  16. Yes, just animating the number of iterations it will do. You can just use $F in iterationson the block end if you are working on SOP and it will do the trick or just key frame it. Basically the same thing if you are doing it in vex. Frame 1 = 1 iteration..... frame 10 = 10 iterations.
  17. I would definitely add an extra pop force with turbulence that takes over as they approach the end of their life. To simulate dissipation and break the shape at the end.
  18. Sorry for the late answer... Well, I do not know, since I never have used this command, have in mind this is a stand alone tool, not a script. My guess is that there must be a way to create a python script to launch the tool. But I guess you will need to do that research yourself. It all comes down on how often you will need to do this, I run commands from Houdini Cmd Line constantly to run little tools, and it is just one line, so you can easily just make a txt file with the template you need to run.
  19. I know you want to do it in the comp context but if the objective is to get a final image you may want to check this: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/utils/iautocrop.html Hope it helps.
  20. Hi my name is Nicolas Heluani, I am a Motion/VFX artist based in Iceland. For the past few years I been working mainly in Motion Graphics for local TV productions. But I am trying to move into more challenging VFX tasks, a subject I always loved. I am a highly creative abstract thinker with an ease in math and VEX. I like to constantly challenge myself into learning how things work and then do it myself. I am attaching here my demo-reel, I hope you like it. For more info please send me a PM at nicolasheluani@gmail.com If you have read so far, thank you, and at least I hope you enjoyed my reel. I plan to update my Vimeo feed soon with some work I am currently doing, like I said I am constantly challenging myself Nico.
  21. Yes, And indeed RS was causing a problem but there was something else aswell. Because after I disabled RS Houdini was still crashing. I got the program to work by deleting all my preference folder in Documents\houdini16.5 and letting houdini reconstruct everything. There must to have been some configuration issue. Thankfully things seems to be solved. Nico.
  22. Nobody else is having this issue on Windows 10? Since 16.5.405 up Houdini just crashes for me on start up. marking some segmentation error. I updated my nvidia drivers and still same issue! Nico.
  23. Have you set the boolean to detriangulate no polygons?
  24. @djiki Are you sure about not needing to transform to screen space? I really haven't have the time to test in deep but the test that I made seem to work fine. The original set up from the helpfile did not give me proper results in neither nuke or AE. just FYI. I got my setup form here (Japanese, sorry): http://nomoreretake.net/2016/11/13/houdinivector-blur-pass-to-nuke/ The post is in japanese but the author also got help here at the forums on: And after testing I only flipped the channels as Nuke seems to like it the other way (not really an issue, but more of a lack of implementation into nuke). But my question is sincere... are you sure is not needed the change to screen space? because as I said I haven't have the time to test the set up without the transform but it does make sense to me as if Pblur is in world or camera space the x value will differ from screen right?
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